Monday, July 31, 2006

It would appear that blogger is not in the mood to upload pictures today. Sorry.

It is hot out. Very hot. Muggy hot. It is the sort of weather that makes you very grateful for airconditioning. We're lucky enough to have it here at home, and I have it at work. Most of the buses that I take coming home from work are air conditioned as well. At most I'm usually out in the weather for no more then 15 minutes during my trip home. But pampered as I am with all this delicious cool air, what happens when I have to be somewhere where there is no such luxury? I wilt.

We went to a wedding on Saturday. A lovely wedding. My sister in law decorated the church and the reception hall as a wedding gift to the bride (her god-daughter) and groom. The wedding was held in a conservation area called Ball's Falls. The church there was built around 1864, and there are other old buildings scattered around the park. One is an enormous old barn, which is where the reception was held. The barn is a remarkable, soaring creation with massive beams and graceful lines. It is an amazing example of the talents and resourcefulness of our pioneer ancestors. However, clever as our forefathers were, there was one thing they couldn't construct from the local trees, stones and metals available to them. They couldn't make air conditioners.

The small, white clapboard church was outfitted with ceiling fans which helped to move the air around the interior and coaxed the breezes outside to come into the building. A metal tub full of ice was placed next to the entrance way and filled with bottles of water to keep the wedding guests hydrated and reasonably conscious. My DH and I arrived an hour before the wedding to help my SIL and a friend of hers to decorate the church.

When the time came, the ceramony began with the groom and his ushers and best man in place at the front of the church. The bridesmaids, in mauve strapless gowns, came down the aisle first. Then the maid of honour in a gown of slightly darker mauve. Then the flower girl. Around 3 1/2 years old, hair of gold, eyes of blue, curls caught up on top of her head, and wearing a white princess gown. Carrying a basket of pretend flower petals she headed down the aisle, tossing invisible blossoms at her feet. About half way down the aisle she looked up from her basket and beheld the rows of guests watching her, with broad grins of delight and cameras flashing. Blue eyes grew larger, and rounder. She stopped dead in her tracks, spun on her heels, and fled back down the aisle and out the back door! The door closed behind her and there was a long pause.

Eventually the doors opened again, and there stood the bride and her step-father. They proceeded up the aisle, composed and unconcerned. The guests all rose to their feet to pay their respects and for a better look at the gown. As the pair passed to the front of the church all heads and eyes followed them. So few noticed a small fae child, in a white princess gown, creeping up the aisle after them, to slip unobserved into a pew and into the arms of her waiting mother.

More tomorrow, or later tonight as time allows. It's time to make dinner. Cheers.

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shortoldlady said...

Certainly hope you post pictures of the wedding - that story will be passed around for years! Best wishes to the happy couple.