Friday, July 21, 2006

Booking through Thursday question.....

1) Do you read non-fiction books for pleasure, not counting books required for courses or for work?
2) If so, what areas of non-fiction interest you the most? If not, why not?
What are some of your favorite books from those areas?

1) Yes I do read non-fiction books. Mostly biographies, but I also collect books on any subject that catches my fancy.

2) I've been fascinated by the story and history of the Titanic for a long time and I have lots of books about her, and also books about the Lusitania, and the Empress of Ireland. All luxury liners who sank during 1912-1916 period for various reasons. I also collect books about shipwrecks in general. I have four books on Dinosaurs, my favourite being a Readers Digest publication with great illustrations and fascinating information. I love Egyptian history and have many books on it and on the archeological work being done and the artifacts found over the years. I have tons of books on England, either dealing with the history or with traveling there. I have a selection of Mary Englebreit books, Tasha Tudor books and lots of craft/home decor books. Lets see, what else? Books about movies, and movie stars covering the 1930's to 1950's. Books about my favourite movies, sci-fi or fantasy tv series etc. And much, much more.

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