Sunday, April 23, 2006


It's hard to blog. I think that I would much rather read blogs then create my own. I suppose that part of the problem is that I don't know if there is anyone out there who is reading this. Part of the reason for blogging, at least for me, is the chance to reach out and contact people who share similar interests and passions with me. People who live in other parts of the world, who's life styles and life experiances differ from mine. Who's talents can inspire me, and perhaps guide me as I timidly experiment with my limitations versus my asperations.

There are a number of bloggers that I love to read at least once a week. Most are cross stitchers, and many are book lovers, and almost as many are cat lovers. Some are devotees to other arts, such as knitting or photography. Some are gifted writers, who's recordings of their day to day lives, be it with kids, work or struggles with health issues are both facinating and touching. I don't have kids, but reading the blogs of those who do gives me a small insight into the joys and frustrations of those who do.

I need to learn how to do things with my blog. Add links to my favourite blogs, pick up those sparkly, neat banners that others have at the side of their blogs. I'd love to download pictures of my cats and my humble cross stitch efforts but we don't own a digital camera so that's out. Perhaps I could prevail upon the good will of my friends to take some pictures of my projects and send them to me to post on my blog. It wouldn't be progress shots, just finished project shots, but still it would be something.

I've been stitching every chance I get and I've also started purchasing cross stitch patterns that have caught my eye and got me dreaming. The most ambitious is Mirabella's "The Scent of Old Roses" which I've seen done by others and looks so pretty. There are so many beautiful patterns, large and small, and the fabrics, threads and accessories are stunning. I've never done such complicated projects so I'll be taking my time with this one.

I'm reading through the first four books in the series by Charlaine Harris - her "Southern Vampire Novels". Three done, and the next will be "Dead to the World".
I'm enjoying them, but I still love Kelley Armstrong best for this type of book. I believe that she has a new one coming out in May. Just in time for me to treat me for my birthday.

Well, I'd best be off. Got chores to do. It's a rainy, cool day here but the grass is a vivid green, and the garden is revealing its treasures with numerous varietys of colours and leaf shapes. The bushes are covered in a mist of green. And the birds are both lively and LOUD! The Cedar Waxwings are passing through and enjoying the shrivelled, fermented berries on our ornamental cherry trees out front.
The robins love those too. And so does a small brown bunnie that comes around at night.

Cheers all. Will try to be a more consistant logger in future. :)