Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is the garden which is in front of our deck. It's mostly a shade garden and is at it's peak in the Spring when the Primrose, the lungwort and the viola's are all in bloom. That's Heather reading her book in the garden.

Greetings to Joanie and Ann who left comments on my blog. It's great to have you dropping by and saying hello. Sort of inspires me to continue posting here because I know that someone really is visiting and reading.

This week seems to be creeping along for some reason. Kept thinking that yesterday was Thursday. We are enjoying some hot temperatures again, which may result in thunderstorms later on. DH will no doubt spend the evening watering the pots around the deck, which will just about guaranty the rain.

I'm making good progress on my "Coverlet" stitching. (see July 15th post). I have finished the green section and am about 2/3 of the way through the next colour which is DMC #223 rose. Once that colour is done the next section is again stitched in the green, and then the final section will be stitched in the blue. I'll have to try and arrange for Darlene to take some more pictures.

I was so very bad yesterday. I went on Indigo/Chapters site and ordered books! Five of them! Most in hardcover!

Books ordered - and eagerly awaited as always....
1. Death In Belmont - Sebastian Junger
2. Cross Bones: A Novel - Cathy Reichs
3. Dragonart: How To Draw Fantastic Dragons And Fantasy Creatures - Jessica Pefffer 4. The Art of Detection - Laurie R King
5. The Tenth Circle: A Novel - Jodi Picoult

I guess that you could designate this as book stash.

Booking Through Thursday Question :

1) Have you read Lord of the Rings?
2) If so, how many times have you read it? Just once? Or so many you can't count?
3) If not, why not? Not your cup of tea?
4) And, while we're on the subject, did you see the Oscar-winning movie(s)? What did you think?

1) Oh yes indeed. First time when I was around 13 I think.

2) I've read the books about three times each. Most recently just before the release of each of Peter Jackson's movies.

3) *********

4) And yes I've seen the movies, got the extended versions of the movies on DVD and absolutely adore them.

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catandturtle said...

I have all the extended LOTR movies too and they are my favorites (next to Star Wars of course). I have 10th Circle too but haven't started it yet and I really want Sebatian Jungers new one. The Perfect Storm was so good. Keep posting. :)