Monday, July 17, 2006

This project is going to be for Josiah. Youngest of the brood across the street. I still need to put black beads on each animal for their eyes. I love the chicken the most of the four critters here. It was an easy, bright and colourful project to stitch. It is from a book that I have called "Sweet and Simple Country Cross Stitch" featuring the artwork of Lori Gardner. It's full of pretty projects, small and large and there's lots that I'd like to stitch someday.

It's a HOT day out today. People are clinging to their air conditioning units if they're lucky enough to have them. There are suppose to be thunderstorms this evening and I hope so since I love a really good, rip snortin' thunderstorm. We had them last week during our two heavy days of rain but I was in work for most of them, and no where near a window, so couldn't enjoy them.

I have two new x-stitch patterns to add to my collection of current patterns. One is "It's Halloween" and the other is "The Cat's Meow" both by the Drawn Thread. My first patterns by this designer/company. I have a large pile of patterns which I collected during my first period of cross stitching ten to fifteen years ago, but the ones that are out now are so amazing. And my tastes have changed over the years. That's what reading other peoples blogs has done for me. Introduced me to a wide range of new designers. And seeing other peoples interpretations of these designs is very encouraging and inspiring.

Time to go make dinner. DH will be home soon. Cheers!

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