Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More pictures of the library. My library is in the basement of our house. When you come down the stairs from the den level the bookcases that you see ahead of you are the ones above. The windowed wall is to your left and has short book-cases as well as two tall ones. The wall on the right has a triple sectioned bookcase which is hardcovers above and paperbacks double shelved below. See pictures in previous post. My old desk ended up down here when we decorated our upstairs and had a desk built into the computer room. It's from the good olde days when you only need room on a desk to write. Yes, that is a witch hanging from the ceiling over the glass top table. Since I read alot of fantasy I like to collection fantasy type things - or have been given them as gifts. The witch and my crystal ball on one of the shelves which I don't think you can see in any of the pictures was given to me by my friend Linda. She also made many of the stuffed toys that you might see scattered around the room. Incredibly talented is my friend Linda.

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