Sunday, July 16, 2006

This is the view that I have of my garden when I sit at the table on our deck. I love this view. This picture was taken last weekend by Darlene and her digital camera. The garden was doing well at that point, but the grass was beginning to suffer from the lack of rain. We have a large silver maple tree in the other corner of the yard, which provides a substantial amount of shade for the yard during the day. But even so, the grass does not tolerate the drought well. Luckily this week we have had two days of heavy, steady rain. Monday was the first day, and Thursday was the second. The grass has come back beautifully thanks to this bounteous gift and is looking healthy and green right now. Mind you, we're not due for any more rain until at least Thursday next, and it's been mighty hot and sticky out there since Friday so the grass may not retain it's healthy glow for too long. Long range forecast is for cooler temperatures and rain next weekend, but that could change.

Last night we went to the Shepherds Crook pub for dinner. We were planning to go to the Copper Kettle pub, which is our favorite pub and is owned by a friend of ours and run by her and her daughters. We hadn't been in for awhile due to one thing and another (mostly time flying) and both DH and I decided independently of one another that we should go on Saturday. Unfortunately the pub was closed for a private party according to the note left on the door and so we had to rethink our plans. Luckily we have several nice pubs in Georgetown, and so we went to the back up pub to eat instead. Both the Kettle and the Crook are situated in buildings that are over 120 years old, which is pretty old for us here in Canada. Both buildings were once general stores when originally built. We had lovely food and DH had his Stout and so all was right in our world.

Worked some on my cross stitch project last evening while sitting on the deck, and I've just got a wee bit left to do before starting the next colour section.

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