Friday, July 28, 2006

Um...lets see if I can explain this view. Standing at one corner of the yard, looking across to the opposite end. Since this picture was taken three weeks ago we've had lots of rain and the grass which here is half dead, is now lush and green and (according to DH) growing too fast.

It's Friday. Tomorrow DH and I and my SIL are going to a wedding. I haven't been to a wedding in over 11 years. The last time was when I was a brides maid in my friend Charmaine's wedding. I had nothing to wear of course, so stopped at the mall on my way home to look for something. I had a gift certificate which DH gave me for Xmas to use at Northern Reflections and so I went there with fingers crossed.

I should mention here that on my way home from work, while waiting at the bus depot for my Go bus to Georgetown, it began to bucket down with rain. They are doing repairs at the bus depot so the buses are picking up their passengers on the streets surrounding the depot. There is no shelter on the streets to take refuge in when it rains. I got wet. Not the best condition to be in when going clothing shopping. I tried to dry myself off as best I could on the bus ride and tried not to freeze in the air conditioning at the same time.

Anyways, found a nice skirt, top and sweater to wear to the wedding. It looked nice on in the store. I'm sure it'll look even better tomorrow when I don't look like a drowned rat in fancy dress.

The wedding is in Welland, an hour and a half from here by car. We're staying overnight in a bed and breakfast about ten minutes from the place where the wedding will be. Our friends Pete and Terry are coming in tomorrow night to feed the cats and again on Sunday morning. Hope they can manage to get Phoebe to eat something. She doesn't like to eat unless I'm home and sitting with her. We'll have to see.

So will post again when we're home from the wedding. Cheers.

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Linda Kaban said...

Hi. Just showing Mom and Dad your blog. They love your backyard!!

I'm here in Port Perry; heading home soon.

Talk to you later.