Thursday, August 03, 2006

The little plaque half hidden in amoungst the lillys says "Dad's Garden". It is a tribute to DH dad, who passed away about 10 years ago. With the money he left us we had the backyard completely redone by a landscaper, who did a wonderful job. DH found the sign, which is made of metal, and bought it to put in the garden each year in memory of his dad.

The wedding story...continued.

After the wedding service it was picture taking time. One of the benefits of having the event at Balls Falls is that the church and the reception hall are all in one place and are surrounded on all sides by lovely gardens, old buildings and little bridges and so on for the picture taking. If it hadn't been for the heat it would have been an ideal day.

I felt so bad for the men in their tuxes, with long sleeved shirts, vests and coats. Even standing still, in the shade they were suffering. At least the bride and her attendants were in sleeveless gowns. All they had to worry about was sun burn.

While the pictures were being taken DH and I helped SIL and her friend to put the finishing touches on the tables in the barn where the reception was being held. When the guests began to arrive they made their way to their seats at the long tables set up on either side of the room. A series of long tables down the centre of the floor was for the buffet style dinner. The head table was at one end of the barn. Dinner was a mixture of cold and hot foods. Very delicious. The speeches were funny and mercifully short. Then came the dancing. The buffet tables were cleared away and voila, a dance floor.

The heat continued to be an oppressive presence in the barn even as it started to get a bit cooler as the evening worn on. Going outside for relief had it's own drawback however. Mosquitos!! The little #@%+"@#!!! were ferocious. I have to admit that I didn't last the evening thanks to a headache caused by the heat and the loud music. DH drove me back to our B&B around 10:00 and then returned to the party. The thing was that he and SIL and a few volunteers had to hang around once the party ended to take down and pack away all the decorations before they could leave, since the barn was being rented by someone else the next day. It was 1:00 am when they got back to the B&B.

We were all up the next morning by 8:00 am to partake of the wonderful breakfast that our host had prepared. Home made blueberry pancakes with sausage. MMMMMMM!!! We were packed up and headed for home by 10:30. We walked in the door here at 11:45. It was a relief to be back to our air conditioned home. The cats were very pleased to see us.

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