Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Mom....

Norma Gwladys Hattey nee Fogden
December 5th 1921 to June 18th 2010

Hello everyone. It is with a very heavy heart that my return to
blogging is with the sad news that my Mum passed away on
Friday morning after a brief illness.

Phil and I are dealing as best we can under the circumstances.
There is much to be done so a proper post here will have to
wait until there is more time and my thoughts and emotions
are more coherent.

I've missed you all and am catching up with your blogs as a
way to take my mind off of the events of the past few weeks
for a little while.

These pictures I share with you in remembrance of happier
times and as a small tribute to my Mum.

I love you Mummy!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Continuing Saga...

Hello again! Darlene here...

Okay, where to begin... Well first of - Judy's computer is still not fixed - they are waiting for a part to come in. She's going through computer withdrawal as you might imagine. It's not that easy to give up something that you depend on every day, that's for sure. If she doesn't hear anything back from them next week, she'll be calling them. She misses you all and can't wait to start blogging with you again!

Stitching News: She is managing to get her stitching done since she's been without you know what. She's happy to report that she has finished "Sew Red". She actually finished it at 3 AM this Saturday morning (June 5th). She says that she couldn't sleep. But hey, it got done - can't wait to see her pics - she'll post those as soon as she can I'm sure.

Family update: Judy's Mom is making progress, but she still has a long way to go yet. They are just taking it one day at a time and hoping for the best. 

Garden News: She is getting her flower pots done. She's working on them quite a bit today since you couldn't ask for a nicer day. The sun is shining brightly and there is a nice breeze. And luckily the humidity mostly blew away.

Shopping front: Judy walked to the local mall today and discovered that there were clothing items on sale today that she liked, so of course she bought them! Who wouldn't? Then after that, her and Phil picked up some groceries. It can't all be about fun I guess! 

Judy's missing everybody muchly and wants to thank everybody for their well wishes for both her and her Mom. She's hoping to be back soon. Myself, I'm on vacation - the first week I'm around town, but next Saturday I'm flying to my home town in Nova Scotia, so this may be my last

Take care everybody!

Over and Out!