Friday, November 03, 2006


Here is the finished project from Cross Country Stitching that I completed a month ago. I changed the two colours in the centre of this piece from those recommended by the magazine and now I wish that I'd used a darker colour of rose to balance the darker colour of the blue border. Ah well. I still like it a lot and someday perhaps I'll get around to framing it.

Since I am posting new pictures on my blog it means that Darlene and her camera came for a visit last weekend. It was meant to be a movie weekend since we were planning to go and see "The Queen"....The movie not the Lady Herself. We've been hearing great things about this film and it's star Helen Mirren from all over. However it turns out that it wasn't showing anywhere in this neck of the woods because it's in limited release, so we had to give up that plan. We'll wait for the DVD.

So we did the mall instead, and while there I broke down and bought season 4 of "Buffy" in Walmart. I've no will power at all you see. But the price was really excellent, and I really love "Buffy" there! DH picked us up after we'd walked the mall and we went to the Shepherd's Crook pub for dinner. I had liver 'n onions, Dar had Shepherd's Pie and DH had Lancaster pot pie. Yummyness all around.

Then home, where we watch several Halloween episodes of "Buffy" in honour of the holiday. It was a rainy weekend (again) here so perfect for watching DVD's and vegging.

Halloween was fairly decent weather wise, which was lucky because we've been having pretty cool temperatures this month. Below what it should be for this time of year by five degrees or more. The kids didn't need to wear their winter gear under their costumes and it didn't rain so no need for umbrella's either. We had our first customers around 6:00 and the last just after 8:00. About 40 kids in total, many of whom were in their early teens. Not too many little ones.

Our neighbour's two year old son was a big hit in his over sized bear costume, complete with mask, paws, and a "bear" bottom. Lol. Too cute.

Then there was the kid who came to the door with a crowd of his friends. He must have been about 13. His costume consisted of a piece of bristol board with pictures of teen starlets (Britney, Hillary, Paris etc) stuck all over it and he was wearing it across his chest. I paused in handing him his candy, regarded the artwork on his "costume" and asked him what the heck he was suppose to be. He grinned at me and said "I'm a chick magnet!!".


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