Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's raining out. Again!

It seems that this has been a particularly wet and rainy Autumn season
here. Not just the odd shower here and there but whole entire days of
nothing but rain. Many people are depressed by the grey skies and the
cool weather and the wet. Not me. I love it when it rains. Probably
because I'm a home body and a nester. I am at my most happiest when I
am sitting at home in front of my computer, with cross stitch project to
hand, the radio on to either music or my favourite talk radio programs,
and a good book nearby. I'll stitch a bit, read blogs a bit, stitch some more,
and then pick up my book when I need a break. Usually I have a cat at my
elbow keeping me company.

DH is the dedicated gardener in this family. I like to putter out there but
I tend to hibernate at this time of year. (see above) DH is an anxious
gardener. He wants the lawn mowed to just the right height for over-
wintering. He wants a layer of leaves piled to such and such a height
spread on the gardens. The rest needs to be raked and bagged for pickup.
The bulbs must be dug up, spread out in the garage and left to dry for a
week. Bushes and plants that require cutting back for the winter must
receive their finally trims and the rose bushes have to be wrapped against
the frost and snow.

Time is of the essence. Especially with the weather being so uncooperative. He works and plans with one eye on the weather reports, watching for that first report of snow or at least heavy frost. And he worries about getting it all
done in time. So the rain frustrates him. It's raining too hard to work out
there now and from the weather reports it sounds as though that's the way it'll
be for the rest of the day. But he got a lot of work done yesterday and so it may
only require a day or two more to get the final bits done. Our big maple tree
still has most of it's leaves yet, and so does the birch tree clump and the mountain ash, so that chore must wait on the pleasure of the trees.

I bought myself a new winter coat yesterday. My old purple "Barney" coat is over ten years old and worn out. I'll save it for messing around in. My new coat is a cream colour, with a hood trimmed in brown fake fur. I bought chocolate
brown gloves to match and a new taupe coloured purse to replace my old worn
out summer purse. I buy cheap purses at Walmart to use because I'm so hard
on them and don't want to waste money on an expensive purse that can't hack
the stress and strain that I will put it under.

I also found seasons 3 and 4 of Buffy on sale at Walmart yesterday and grabbed season 3 for my collection. I'll try and go back for season 4 when I get my next paycheque. Season 3 of Buffy was one of my favourites, what with the wonderful Faith, the Mayor and all. Oh, and I got the Christmas ornie issue of
Just Cross Stitch (I think it is) and I've got my eye on a couple of projects. But it will mean leaving off "A Prairie Garden" which I'm reluctant to do. Hmm.

Well, gotta make up the grocery list, and do some shopping and then some laundry and cleaning. Cheers all.


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Gina E. said...

You and I MUST be soulmates...I also love rainy days for the same reasons as you - good excuse to stay inside and do all those nice indoor things like stitching and reading. And your hubby sound just like mine - lawns have to be mown a certain height, leaves have to be raked just so, etc.