Sunday, November 26, 2006

I can't remember if this sampler was my second or my third cross stitch
project. It came from the same book as my first sampler, which I wrote
about in an earlier post. At the time that I did this my favourite colour
was pink. So I stitched this thing in pink. Pink is no longer my favourite
colour. It hasn't been for a long while. I find it hard to look at this poor
sampler now because not only do I hate the colour, but it's also gotten
stained with a yellow age mark, and because I stitched it on white Aida.
It was a nice, soft piece of Aida, but I just don't care for it anymore. And
the size of it would make framing it quite expensive.

However, every cross stitch project done is a learning experience. And
I do love doing samplers, and this one sort of reminds me of those lovely
Long Dog samplers that various Bloggers are doing which I hope to try
someday myself. Only, not in pink.

Meanwhile....found last years Christmas cards!! They were in a plastic
bag, hanging on a hanger in the closet behind me here. Oh well. I spent
yesterday morning sorting through them and cutting them up into gift

Our Christmas tree is up and the decorations are out throughout the
house. Many thanks to Darlene who comes every year to help me sort
through the chaos and make magic out of it. DH hauls all the boxes up
from the storage space in the basement and then leaves us to it. We
start in the early afternoon and it takes all afternoon to do just the tree.

This year we bought a new 6 1/2 foot pre-lit Christmas tree. I've been
wanting a pre-lit tree for some time now, and since our old tree was
getting worn out, and the lights we used on it were beginning to burn out
we decided that it was time to order a new tree. I love it. It has coloured
lights and it's stand turns the tree if you want it to. We don't. The cats
are attracted to the tree enough when it's standing still. Hate to think
what they'd do with hanging ornaments that they can chase!!

Gina, I asked DH and it seems that no one took pictures of the church
float before, during or after the Santa Claus parade. Pity. And none of
the pictures in the local paper were of their float either. I have got to
get me my own digital camera so that I can take the pictures that no one
else seems inclined to take.

As for stitching my first real project on evenweave or linen. Well, I think
that since I didn't know much about cross stitch at the time and didn't
realize that there were different materials, with various degrees of
difficulty in using them, not to mention quirks, so I just got on with it.
Ignorance is bliss. One stupid thing that I did do on that first sampler
is that when I decided where I was going to start my boarder, to make
my first stitches on the project, I made a small dot on the fabric with a
blue magic marker to remember where to put my needle. Doh!! It isn't
too noticeable, but I know it's there.

Hmmm. Funny thing Gina. I was planning on winning the lottery in the
next few months too. How weird is that? 'Course, since you live in Oz and
I'm here in the Great White North we won't have to worry about stealing
the prize from each other. So, how do you like your tea? Cheers!

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