Saturday, November 04, 2006

Here is the room where I blog, and sometimes where I x-stitch and stuff. I've pulled the chair away from the desk so it doesn't block the shot. The poster framed and hanging over my computer is a map of Narnia which I've had for many years. It was sent to me from England by relatives who knew of my love for the books. The blanket is for Phoebe and Rupert, although they rarely lay on it together and often Phoebe spends her time curled up in my arms rather then on the blanket. This makes typing on the keyboard difficult.

The second picture is of the top of two Ikea cupboards lined up together against the wall to the right of the window in the first picture. I have a few of my x-stitch books here, some pictures of the cats, and a colourful box which holds some of my partylite candles. The pictures on the wall and propped against the wall are needlepoint pictures which were done by my Mom about twenty or more years ago. Actually, I think that the one propped against the wall was her first piece. That one would be about 30 years old. Knowing my love of England my Mom stitched the pictures on the wall, which are of Windsor Castle, and of The Shambles in York.

We were out shopping for a birthday gift for the 3 year old daughter of a friend this morning. We're going to her party this afternoon so I've been busy wrapping the presents (some books and a x-stitched piece that I did some time ago) and getting her card ready. My friend Charmaine is an amazing cook and she always puts on quite a spread when she throws a party. DH has been fasting for days in anticipation of this.

I'm reading another Elizabeth George book which is called "A Traitor to Memory". Its quite a thick book and the story is a bit complicated but as usual it is a riveting read and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

I have a tendency to get some of my authors names mixed up because they are so similar. Margaret George = Elizabeth George = Elizabeth Peters - all favourite authors and whenever I'm writing about one of them I have to pause and think "now which one is the one I'm reading". I'm spaz that way.


Gina E. said...

Your study/den looks so bright and neat! Mine is always such a mess...I chuckled to read about Phoebe preferring to be in your arms rather than on her blanket - she sounds like one very spoiled cat! Topsy occasionally tries to jump on my lap when I am at the computer, but she gets short shrift - lol!

Gina E. said...

Forgot to say in my first comment - love those needlepoints by your Mom!