Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A picture of Rupert alone, and a picture of Rupert with DH in the
background. The second picture shows off Rupert's colour and his
stripes quite nicely. With his colouring Rupert is easier to take
good pictures of then Phoebe with her grey fur. Plus he's a ham.
Oh, and he's crazy about Darlene (who took these pictures of course) so
he'll do just about anything for her.

One Sunday, about two weeks ago, I was doing the weekly laundry.
I'd put the first load through the washing machine and I transferred it
to the dryer as usual, and pushed the "on" button to start it up.
Nothing happened. Hmmm.

Fiddled around with the knob and jiggled the electrical cord and reset
the dial for choosing the method of drying but nothing had any effect.
I even kicked it a couple of times, to show it that I meant business.
Nothing. Rats!! DH was out to a choir practice so I had to wait until
he got home to run a check of the systems. He had no better luck with
it then I did.

On the Monday after work DH picked up a new starter button for the
dryer and installed it that night to see if that might be the problem. Nope!
So on Tuesday he called to request a visit from a repairman from the
place where we'd bought the washer/dryer originally. The soonest that
they could send someone out would be Nov 28th!! Swell!

So in the past two weeks I've been running the towels and the unmention-
ables through the washing machine and then we've been running them
over to a Laundromat to dry them. Sheets I run through the wash and then
hang on my drying rack to air dry. Oh, and no I do not have a clothes line
outside to hang stuff on in an emergency such as this. Most clothes I
also wash as usual and then hang to air dry. We've been managing, but
it's been a nuisance.

We did a run to the laundromat this evening and brought home two
laundry hampers full of clean, dry towels and our unmentionables. Which
reminded me of how much I love the smell of hot, clean laundry.

I am now in the process of looking for last years Christmas cards. The ones
that we'd recieved from our friends and family. Every year, after Christmas
I pack up the cards and put them away somewhere to save for the next
year. I trim them up and use them for gift tags whenever possible. Except
that I can never remember where I put them from year to year. I swear
that scattered somewhere in this house there are boxes of old Christmas
cards just waiting to be discovered. Sigh!

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