Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This was a gift from my friend Linda one Christmas. It was a pattern from
an issue of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts of many years ago. She'd made
a doll for herself and when I saw it I fell in love with it. So when she offered
to make me something for Christmas I jumped at the chance to ask for one
of these. I love her so much. We regret that the magazine never saw fit to
offer a male counterpart for this little lady. It would have made a cute pair.

I'm on holidays this week. Woo Hoo!!

On Saturday, in spite of the nasty, wet and cool weather DH and I joined a
group of people from church to put together a church float for the George-
town Santa Claus parade. We met at the home of one of the parishioners
and while the men stayed outside to work out the logistics of stringing lights
on the float, the women stayed indoors and worked on decorations.

The float was actually a hay wagon on loan from a local farm. It had a metal
bar frame which made stringing lights easy to do. Hay bales on the plat-
form provided seats for the choir which would be riding the float in the
parade. A screen at the front of the float showed a PowerPoint present-
ation about the church.

The ladies sat in the dry warmth of the house and drank hot apple cider and
cut out large snowflakes from Styrofoam plates, covered them in glue and
then sprinkled them with silver glitter. We made 300 of them. Some of
us probably drank hot apple cider with bits of glitter adding texture if not

Dinner was pot luck, which ment lots of yummy food to indulge in. The men
came in to warm up and enjoy their meal, and then headed back outside
to continue with their technical work.

Sunday afternoon the group got together to finish decorating the float, which
included hanging the 300 snowflakes. The Santa Claus parade took place in the evening so that is why they had lights on the floats and could do the
PowerPoint presentation. Thankfully the weather improved on the day of the
parade so there was a good turnout of people along the route and the people
taking part in the parade didn't freeze.

I spent Sunday afternoon and evening visiting my Mom at her retirement
residence. We watched a movie, I stitched and she knitted, and we worked
on a jigsaw puzzle. We had a nice dinner in the diningroom and relaxed in
the evening watching home decor shows on tv.

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Gina E. said...

You are a kindred spirit to me, I'm sure...the last paragraph where you describe spending precious time with your Mom touched a chord within me. Working and volunteering with the elderly makes me very aware of so many that do not see their children often (if at all). Did you take any photos of your church float? If so, please post them here so we can see the results of your hard work!