Monday, September 07, 2015

Labour Day Long Weekend ....


Although a few more weeks lay ahead before the "official" 
start of Fall it feels as though this weekend is the end of 
the summer of 2015.  

It's hot.  It's been hot all week.   Sometimes too hot to 
be outside even if we're just sitting on the deck, in the 
shade, doing nothing.  We're reluctant to complain though 
because we know that in three or so months we'll be 
shivering as we layer sweaters, scarves, vests and coats 
before setting foot out the door.

The weather man has predicted a warmer then normal 
Fall and Winter this year for us.  I think El Nino has 
been mentioned in regard to this.  I'm not sure whether to 
believe the experts or not but it would be nice because 
we've had some nasty winters in the past couple of 
years.   Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I am settling into my new life as a more 
or less retired person.   I get up with Phil at 6:30 and sit 
with him while he eats his breakfast.   Once he leaves 
for work I begin my day by working out in some manner.    
Either by lifting weights along with my mentor/instructor/
friend Linda on Skype, or following a walking work out 
video on Youtube with Leslie Sansone, or going out and 
walking around town to run errands.


Weekends lately have been spent going on long, exploration
walks with my friend Darlene.   We spent one Saturday walking
from Oakville Harbour to Bronte Harbour which was a distance
walked (including additional wanderings down interesting look-
ing side streets) of about 23km.  

Following a trail along the shores of
Lake Ontario

The lake was calm and blue

Our route.   We walked from the arrow
to the harbour marked on the far left.

Phil dropped us off in Oakville at 8:00 in the morning
and picked us up at Bronte Harbour at 5:45 so we had
a full day of walking.   We took a picnic lunch 
which we ate by the waters edge in a small, quiet
park with few other people about.

Lunch in the park

I love being by water.  It's the only thing about
living in Georgetown .... we don't have a decent
sized body of water of our own here.

Love gardens ... or in this case garden
centres .... too. 


                                            I have spent hours and hours in the past two
weeks doodling some more.  As adult colouring
books are all the rage at the moment I've been 
practising my drawing and then colouring the
images in with markers and pencil crayons.  
You can cover up a multitude of mistakes with
a bit of colour.

As with any craft I can loose many hours of the day
doing this sort of thing without realizing it.  It's relaxing
and it's creative which is a win-win in my opinion.

I have pinned all kinds of patterns and
technics on my Pinterest site to try out and
I also watch how-to videos on Youtube
for inspiration and guidance.

And believe it or not I actually finished a cross
stitch project at the beginning of the summer.
Pardon the wrinkled fabric. 

And then there's my journal which I work at in
fits and starts, neglecting it for periods of time
and then hammering away at it for equal amounts
of time.    I think that I might have an over abundance
of crafting pastimes and interests and I flit from one
to another.



In the past few years I've discovered YA books
and a whole pile of new to me authors in that
genre.  One of the most popular of new releases
in YA is .....

Originally meant to be a stand alone
book it's been so popular that the
publisher has optioned more in the
series from the author.

I quite enjoyed it and look forward
to the next instalment.

If you've read Water for Elephants
and enjoyed it then you'll be happy
to see Sara Gruen's newest book.
I really enjoyed this one which takes
place in Scotland during the second
world war.  

I admit that the cover for this one
caught my eye initially and I loved
it so much that I grabbed the book
from the display shelf at the store
to check it out.  I'd read and 
enjoyed Water for Elephants so
was happy to bring this home too
and I read it almost immediately
and loved it.

Yes, I do judge a book by it's cover.
I'm shallow,  I admit it.

I'm partial to books that take place
during the first half of the 20th

And fantasy is my most favourite of
genres.  I've been reading fantasy ever
since I was a kid and discovered the
wonderful world of C.S. Lewis's 
Narnia series.   I've read that so many
times over the years I have lost count.

Patrick Rothfuss and his books
The Name of the Wind and it's
sequel  The Wise Man's Fear plus a 
novella called The Slow Regard of
Silent Things are amazing epic 
fantasy and are part of a series.

But two warnings for you.  Rothfuss
writes BIG books.  I'm talking 900 hundred
pages each.   Great character building (which
is very important to me)  a great sense of 
humour (also important) and a mesmerizing,
rich story.  And you should know that  Mr
Rothfuss is of the George R.R. Martin school
of writing.   He releases a book every four
or five (or more) years.   So patience is
required if you get hooked on him.

And then there's my favourite writer of historical
fiction.  Sharon Kay Penman.    This is the first
book in her trilogy about Henry II and his Queen
Eleanor.    Thorough historical research,  rich in
period detail, fascinating characters and a sense of 
humour make Ms Penman's books a delicious treat.

Okay, this is getting long ... which is par for the
course for me isn't it?    I'm off for some lunch and an 
afternoon of crafting/reading/journaling and whatever else.
Thanks for dropping by.  And for your warm welcome

Take care!


Linda Kaban said...

Love it!!

Maggie said...

You seem to be enjoying yourself Judy, I envy you your time at home.

Love everything you have been doing, the doodling is fantastic as is your journal,
Thanks for the book recommendations too, yet some more to add to my ever growing list, lol

Have a great week x