Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn

Hard as it is to believe it is indeed a fact that 
today we bid a fond and wistful farewell to 
summer and welcome Fall into our midst.

In honour of that fact I spent yesterday
cleaning the living and dining rooms, packing
away the every day nick knacks and putting
out the Fall decorations.   We had an end of
summer gathering here on Saturday so the
living room was in desperate need of vacuuming
and dusting etc.    Putting out the decorations
didn't take long and since then I've been
tweaking and fussing to get everything just

I love the Fall!   Do you?    The colours, the
scents in the air,  the comfort food and just
about everything else that identifies with the
season makes me so happy.    And since I really
do not care for hot, hot weather I much prefer 
the cooler temperatures that happen now.  So 
much nicer for walking and other outdoor

More long afternoons spent with pen and ink.

Adult colouring books are all the rage these 
days and ... me being me .... I long to buy
and collect every single one that I find.   But
many of those things are expensive.   (Which
I don't begrudge since the artwork is often 
stunning!!)  So I draw my own patterns and
colour those in instead.

I'm a very harsh critic of my own creative
endeavours which has, in the past, often 
caused me to give up and walk away from
anything that I make or create in disgust.
But then I lose out on the joy I get from
initially doing these things.   So I'm trying
to ignore and work through those feelings
and just embrace the pleasure and let go
of the negativity.   

I've picked up this piece and put it down again
countless times in the past year or so but this
week I picked it up again and this time I am 
going to finish it!!!

My stitching has been almost non-existent in
the past few years and that is mainly because
I'm finding it harder to see what I'm doing even
on 28 count fabric.   I have bifocales which only 
helps a bit and my prescription is up to date so 
that's not the issue.  

 I use a  Ott-lite magnifier but often end up having to
 hold the fabric close to my face (roughly near the end 
of my nose) and peer over the top of my glasses to 
get a close up, clear view of my stitches.   This is an 
awkward position to say the least,  and it's a 
wonder to me that I haven't sewn the tip of my 
nose to a piece of fabric yet!

Perhaps I need to find a magnifier with a 
stronger magnification?    

Which reminds me of another issue that I have.

You know that little circle of extreme magnification
that you find inset into the larger, weaker lens surface?
Do you ever use that???   It's magnification is perfect
for what I want but it's so tiny I can never manage to 
maneuver my fabric and needle in just the right spot to 
use it and keep it there.   It's so darn frustrating.

Thank goodness I don't have any issues visually
when it comes to reading.   Here are a couple of
books that I read this year and loved.

The above is a book about Vanessa Bell and her sister Virginia 
Woolf and their relationship circa 1905 and onwards.   It's 
historical fiction, well researched and a fascinating read.    I 
have to admit that I've never read any of Virginia Woolf's 
books and know of her only by reputation in history and I knew 
even less about her sister who was a very talented painter.    
This book gives great insight into the characters of the two sisters 
as well as of those famous members of the Bloomsbury Group 
that were a part of their social circle. 

Then we have The Fortune Hunter which is 
more or less historical fiction as well since
one of it's main characters is Sisi, the 
Empress of Austria.   This woman has been
the central character in quite a few books
that I've encountered lately, some biographical
and some fictional.   She was a fascinating
person I have to say though admittedly a
spoiled and self centred character.   But that is
the way royalty was back in 1875 when this
story begins.  

I recommend both of these books.  These are
the second novels published for both authors.
I have not yet read their publishing debuts .... 
but I plan to.

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding
anniversary in May with a party, reuniting as
many of our original wedding party as were able
to attend as well as being attended by friends and 

We also renewed our vows during that day in
our back yard, under the big maple tree.   Our
friend Sue is a minister and she wrote a wonderful
mini service and presided over the vow renewal
with love, humour and joy.

It was an memorable day that celebrated an
incredible milestone (25 years???  When did
that happen???) in our lives.   We're so 
incredibly blessed to have found each other
and to be together for this often tumultuous 
and stressful but ultimately wonderful life.

Hope you have a wonderful Fall week!!!



Kaisievic said...

Judy, lovely long post. Happy Autumn to you and congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Brigitte said...

Autumn is my favourite season too, for the same reasons that you describe - the wonderful colours nature shows us and the moderate temperatures being my main reasons. I love your autumn decoration, it looks so inviting.

Good that you could take up stitching again. BUt not so good that you have such problems seeing the holes in your fabric corrtectly. Maybe a higher magnigfication would help. I can't stitch without my magnifier either although my glasses are good and allow me to see everything else correctly. BUt as long as there are magnifiers I will continue stitching.

Your silver wedding celebration certainly was a wonderful event. My best wishes for the anniversary.

Maggie said...

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary :-)

I couldn't work without a magnifier, but i thought there was only one strength you
could buy, i'll have to look into that.

Love your Autumn decorations and your stitching too :-)