Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Caution: Boredom dead ahead ....

The weeks are just flying by.    I admit that when I
first began to recover from the shock of being let go
from my job and realized I was now facing weeks
upon weeks (months, years etc) of freedom to do 
whatever I might want to, I wondered if boredom
would be an issue.   It seemed to be what every
one else, at least at work, was concerned about for

So let's see now ...

Exercise.    Gotta keep moving and thanks
to my friend Linda I've got lots of options.
I'm learning to work out with five pound
weights with Linda guiding me and
correcting me on Skype.   It's pretty 
cool that we can work out together even
though we live on opposite sides of
and outside of Toronto.

And then there's the Leslie Sansone 
walking programs that Linda found and 
we first followed on Youtube before investing 
in some of her DVD's.    The one above is what 
I worked out to this morning for 50 minutes
and it was pretty fabulous.    

I'm also walking outside as often as I can
and since the weather is still fairly good
I'm doing as much as I can of that.  
Because as we all know,  you know what
is not far away.   (Hint:  snow)

Reading.    Well, yeah.   One of my
reads this week was the above The Girl
of Fire and Thorns.    Young Adult
Fantasy with a feisty, intelligent
heroine and a great story.   I'm just
starting book two (of three) in this
series and highly recommend it. 

I started reading Cynthia Harrod-Eagles a 
long, long time ago and then for some reason
lost track of her.   Recently, whilst browsing
through Amazon's recommendations ... as 
one does ... I came across this book by her
and sort of had a hand slapped to the forehead

Since I love stories that take place around
the time of the first world war and this is a 
really excellent author who's books I've always 
enjoyed I was pleased to pick it up and give it
a whirl.   The next book in this series is due out 
sometime this month and I'll be getting it for

I picked some flowers from my garden to try my hand
at drying them for decorating purposes.   Linda
gave me a flower press years ago but I'd never tried
to use it before.    Well, no time like the present for
trying new things sooooo ...  

Stay tuned for the results in a couple of weeks.

And what am I planning to use the dried flowers on
if and when they are done drying,   you may ask?

Well, another idea from Linda and another project
to help keep the evil boredom at bay.

You know all those cross stitch projects lying 
around in a box with the stitching done but
no plans to frame them because of the cost
and no skills or self confidence in finishing 
them off yourself ... er .... myself?

And you know all those scrap booking supplies
in your (my) cupboard?     Well .....   Linda
combined hers to make something pretty nifty
and now so have I. 

I am following Linda's lead and putting my stitching
in a scrap book.   Yes, the original stitching.   Not
pictures of them.   

I have been having such a blast doing this!

The measuring and cutting gave me a headache
at first because I have no math skills but once
I got going and gained some confidence it 
became easier.

It's been fun choosing papers and decorations
to show off the stitching designs and sometimes
using the trims or decorations to hide imperfections
in the cutting .... cough, cough. 

And sometimes I have scrap booking papers
that I just don't know what to do with
because they are too beautiful to cover up
with photographs or whatever.

I have several Halloween themed designs 
stitched up to get set up in the album soon.

And you know you can buy these ....

to hang the finished pages from to display
your stitching during pertinent times of the
year so that they're not just in a closed 
book all the time.

Pretty cool, eh?

I've been drawing too.   And colouring.
These things keeps me occupied for
entire afternoons.

A day trip to Toronto several weekends ago
to spend the day on the Toronto Islands with
my friend Darlene.   Above is a view of the
downtown Toronto skyline from the ferry.

There are cottages on Wards and Algonquin Islands
and they range from quirky to pretty high end and a
few that are sadly neglected by whoever owns them.

Other sections of the cluster of islands has formal
gardens, boardwalks along the water front, a 
children's farm with a nice selection of animals,
a children's midway with fun rides,  a clothes
optional beach (which we didn't have time to 
visit ... ahem!!)  assorted historical statues and
plaques and, oh yes, a haunted lighthouse.

Apparently the first lighthouse keeper disappeared
one night in 1815 and his skeletal remains were later 
found nearby.    The lighthouse is no longer near
the water but it's lovingly restored and well tended,
although I dare say probably not by the ghost.

We walked from one end of the island chain to the
other and then we walked back again.  We picnicked
on a bench with a spectacular view across the harbour
to Toronto and we had such a wonderful day enjoying
that green space that is so close to the downtown core
but is in a world all it's own.    Loved it!!

So, boredom has not been a problem as of yet ... 
and so what if it does rear it's silly head?   I've got
lots to banish it if it does dare appear around here!

And many thanks to Linda who keeps me motivated
and inspired!!



Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Whew! I walk every day but haven't tired walking to a program...I might have to look into the one your doing :) I adore your sweet stitching combining your scrapbooking supplies! Ingenious! I am so happy you are back blogging because I love the choices of your reading life. I'm trying the young adult one soon :) Have you read the book "All the Light We Cannot See"...I just finished it. I thought it was good, it is WW II era.
Ok...off to cook supper!

Linda Kaban said...

Woo hoo Jude!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting to feel like Obi Wan (female version.):)

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, the evil boredom, lol. When I retired two years ago some people also foretold that I would feel bored after a while. But frankly, they didn't know me. It's two years now and I haven't had a single hour of boredom ever since, not even a minute. I do all the things I was always dreaming of doing while still working, and there are even things I'd like to spend more time on if I had more time on my hands. You seem to be the same way, lol.

I love you scrapbooking idea, Judy. I'm not the typical scrapbooker but my DIL gave me two two scrapbooks a while ago and now I think I could use one of them for my smaller cross stitch pieces. I had seen this before on someone else's blog and now on yours and I love how your pieces look embellished like this. Beautiful.