Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Lovers Welcome

Every year Toronto takes part in the Word On the Street
book lovers celebration.   Major cities in Canada hold
their own versions of this festival at different times of
the year and Toronto's is always towards the end of

In past years we've gone to it when it's been held in
the grounds of Queen's Park .... location of the
Ontario provincial government building (of the same 
name) .... where the festival was set up beneath a canopy of 
trees, the tents used by the participants placed along the 
pathways that wind through that location.

But this year the event was staged down on the shores
of Lake Ontario at Harbourfront,  former industrial
lands that have been turned into a public space that hosts 
numerous events,  and such things as art galleries,  docking 
space for boats offering tours of the harbour,  a 
place to rent kayaks,  kid friendly activities and places 
for musical performances. 

Word on the Street is dedicated strictly to 
Canadian publishers and authors (as well as
anything else you can think of relating to books)

At the risk of sounding anti-Canadian I admit 
that I do wish that the event celebrated books and
authors and publishers from all over the world
because we don't really have any other major
book festivals like it here that covers all books,
not just Canadian.

There are lectures and book signings by successful
authors including Kelley Armstrong (above) who
appears here fairly regularly.

Some celebrities do make special appearances,
including Poke-a-roo who is the star of a 
long running kids TV program here called The 
Poke-a-Dot Door

I went with my friend Darlene and we 
spent much of the day wandering around the
tents taking in all of the things offered for
sale,  for discussion or for edification.

We ate our lunch sitting next to the water,
watching the sailboats, kayaks, island
ferries and airplanes (the Toronto island
airport was close by) going past us.

It was such a gorgeous, sunny and warm day,
more like summer then the early days of Fall.
As a matter of fact by mid afternoon we were 
regretting the lack of shade at Harbourfront that 
the trees at Queen's Park would have given us in
previous years,  but once the sun began to go 
down the temperature cooled off quickly.

I didn't go too wild buying books, tempted though
I might have been.    I didn't want to be lugging a
heavy, awkward bag (bags?) of books around all
day, not to mention hauling them all the way back
home to Georgetown on the bus afterwards.    

Not far from Harbourfront is a lovely place called 
The Music Garden and when we were ready for
a change of pace Darlene and I walked there and
explored around and along it's meandering pathways.    
Of course at this time of year the flowers are thinning 
out and gardens are getting tired looking but still this 
place was lovely and peaceful and being right by the lake 
made it even nicer.

Speaking of flowers .....  I posted a few weeks ago about
my first attempt at picking and drying flowers from our
garden.    I'd put my chosen bits of flowers and greenery
into my flower press and then had to wait for about
three weeks to see what the results might be.    

I'm happy to report that everything survived and dried
out nicely.   Most retained their colours quite well 
and I was amazed at the details that were able to 
remain after the drying process was complete.  

I will use these to decorate the pages of my stitching/

And speaking of my stitching/scrap book ..... I 
worked on two more pages for that this week
including this Halloween Quaker piece that I 
really, really love.

And a Christmas design from Lizzie Kate.

I still have a hard time calculating and measuring
and cutting the openings for these pages and 
there are times when the air in my craft room turns
an unbecoming shade of blue ... ahem ... but I
keep at it until I get it more or less right.

And I'm still doodling and drawing and
zen-tangling with pen and markers and
paper.     Obsessed?   Me???   Nah!!!!

Found this in the grocery store this week
and of course I had to have it.   Drawing
techniques plus pages to colour, and craft
projects to try.   It's very cool with much
fun to be found/had!

I recently re-read a favourite historical fiction
author who's books I adore.    Judith Merkle
Riley wrote delightful,   often magical
(literally) novels that feature historical accuracy
 wonderful, colourful characters and a knack for
creating a fascinating storyline.

She also had a delicious, sometimes wicked sense 
of humour that I love.   Sadly the author passed away
some time ago but the six books that she wrote are still 
available for purchase and I recommend them all.      

Thanks for visiting.   



Maggie said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, my list is forever growing!

The book event sounds like a great day, you were very well behaved, lol

The flowers and leaves dried very well, they will make great additions to your
scrapbook pages :-)

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a very fun day! How'd you keep your dried flowers from curling up?

Linda Kaban said...

I forgot about Judith Merkle Riley. Thanks!!!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, this book days sound like a wonerful event for readers and book lovers. It's a pity that I live to far away from your country. And unfortunately I have never seen similar events in my country, besides the two big book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfort. That that is something different, I think. There used to be an annual book show about two hours from here but last year they cancelled it, forever I think, but I don't know why. It's just a pity.

I love the two new pages in your stitching scrap book. I haven't started mine as I haven't found a scrapbook of the right size that I could use. But when I get to the city next month I'l have to be on the lookout for one.