Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall 2015

My favourite season is Fall.    I know, I know ....
Fall means that winter is not too far away.   Even so.
I love Fall!!!    

And in the Fall there are certain rituals that one must 
partake in to be able to say that one has sufficiently 
and fully experienced the season.   Visiting a farm
to pick apples or search for pumpkins is one such
ritual and I was lucky enough to be able to do just
that at the beginning of October.

My neighbour Amy and three of her kids headed
out one afternoon in search of apples and were 
kind enough to invite me along.  It was a gorgeous
though cool Fall day and we wandered around the
Halton Hills area (by car) looking for places to stop.

The first place we chose to stop at was a small farm 
where Amy picked up a huge bag of apples.    You 
have no idea of the selection of apples that are 
available until you go to an apple farm and see all 
of the varieties on offer.   

Our next stop was a larger place called Andrews
Scenic Acres and here there was a wider range of
produce and products for sale.   Plus the added 
fun of a Halloween maze,  pumpkin patch,   animals
to see and pet and photograph,  dahlias galore to
pick and the added bonus of glorious, fresh air
and sunshine and the scent of Autumn in the air
and bright blue sky overhead.   In other words

In the store were all kinds of yummy
things from indian corn, to maple syrup, 
to fresh baked goods (salted chocolate
chip cookies anyone?) to jams and 
jellies and on and on and on.

One of the farm's residents.  Love
those gorgeous feathers!

And oodles and oodles of dahlias!

In every shape .... 

and colour that you could imagine.

All available to pick and take home with
you,   which we did.

There were trails to follow all around the property
and the sunflower patch was huge and at it's peak. 
We walked all over and took lots of pictures.

It was such a fabulous day.   Did I mention how much
I love Fall?

Brought these beauties home to remind me of
the day (plus a bag of those afore mentioned
salted chocolate chip cookies).

The Phee approved.   


Judy S. said...

Sopunds like a really fun way to spend the day!

Brigitte said...

That must have been a wonderful fall day for you and your friend. You are right, it's incredible how many sorts of apples you find when you go out to the farms or the farmers markets and have a look at their produce. In the ususal supermarkets you only find three or four sorts, and always the same. So, did you make applae pie and apple sauce with your apples?

Since we are retired, fall is the time for my husband and me to work in the garden. That has to be our fall ritual, lol. This year it has been a bit excessive as we were cutting down four trees plus all the other garden work. BUt yesterday it was raining hard all day long and for the weekend the first snow falls are announced so we call it quits for this year. Now it's time to start hibernating, at least for me, lol.