Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another week's progress on Spot of Tea 1. I did a rough count and so far
I've stitched 24 motifs and there are 12 more to be done. I have just
started to use my 5th skein of thread, and have one more left to use.
Will I need more thread for this project??? Oh, probably. I've just
started the large, corner motif at the top left of the picture.

The weekend coming up is the Labour Day weekend here, and is a long
weekend. It is the official final long weekend of the summer. The next
long weekend here will be in October, which will be (gulp!!!) Thanks-
giving!!! Um...can someone tell me where the heck summer went???

The weather here has been a mix of cool days, and hot days. We've
had a few thunderstorms roll through thanks to the humid weather
days, which meant rain for the badly parched yards. Haven't heard
what the weather will be for the long weekend yet.

My SIL is having surgery tomorrow, and will probably be released
from the hospital on Friday. So she'll be coming here to recover for
at least three days before going back to her own condo to finish her
recovery. I had this same surgery myself seven years ago and I
suspect that she may need to stay here longer then the three days
that she's planning to.
My current read is a book that I picked up on sale, in hardcover and
signed by the author, at the World's Biggest Bookstore. It's a mystery
which takes place during the rein of Henry VIII, and it's not just a
wonderful who/why dunnit. It's also full of historical trivia that I'd
never heard of before. Like, did you know that girls took belladonna
because it enlarged their pupils and made their eyes look bigger??
The minor problem of the stuff being a deadly poison if too much was
ingested must have been considered a risk worth taking if it increased
your chances of finding a husband. I'm loosing myself in this book
during my travels home from work, and am loving it. I've got to check
out more books by the author.

See what happens when you have too much hot, humid weather??? Your
neighbourhood becomes infested by pesky, little dragons. They're
everywhere, getting into the bird feeders, chasing the neighbours cat,
sitting on the roof and hissing at the postman. Well, you know what they're

(This is our neighbour Hannah. Someone gave her and her siblings a box
full of costumes. They've been having a ball with them.)

Karen, when I was last at the World's Biggest Bookstore, the day we
saw We Will Rock You, I actually bought three or four books, mostly
paperbacks. That's still a small number for me, but you have to under-
stand that my DH was following me as I walked around the store, and
we didn't have a lot of time to spend there, so I just had to grab what I
could on the run. Very frustrating.

Hello to Ann, who dropped by and commented on my last post. She's
the proprietor of the LNS Knowledge and Needles, as well as being a
wonderful stitcher. She and her DH hosted a weekend gathering for
stitchers in her area of Ontario a few weeks ago. Apparently it's a
yearly retreat, which is enormously popular. She's invited me to go
next year!!! Squeal!! Don't know if it'd be possible, but I can sure

And to Carla, who also commented for the first time. She and her
twin sister Carol are talented stitchers who live in Lima, Peru. I've
been reading her blog for awhile now, and was moved to comment
on there for the first time after that awful earthquake that they
had down there at the beginning of this month. Glad to hear that
they don't live in the areas that were hit hardest by the quake, and
are fine.
Well, it's getting late, and it's a work night. So I'd best end this with my
usual bit of Kitty Porn. Here's Rupert, enjoying a siesta in one of his
boxes, with his crinkle ball between his paws so Phoebe can't get at it.
Cheers all!!!


Shannon L. said...

Ah, the crinkle ball. Crack Cocaine for my cat, let me tell you. And I swear if/when we move I'll find about 100 of them under the fridge.... lol

Your stitching is looking great :) But yes, something tells me you'll need another skein or two.

Have a great long weekend !

BeckySC said...

OOOH, love your progress :) WOW!

Carla said...

nice progress on your wip!

tkdchick said...

Spot of Tea looks fantastic!!!

Beatrice said...

Hey Judy , I sure hope you try to get here for the summer retreat. You do have lots of notice.
I love your piece but I don't think you have enough thread. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
What a pretty cat. I miss mine and she has been gone to Kitty heaven for 3 years...I do have 2 BIG dogs.

Beatrice said...

In answer to your questions on my blog.
1.Yes the Castle is the same as Dani's. We started Jan 1st 2007.
2.I love blending filament. I just use shorter threads then they don't fray. I also use Thread Heaven.
3.Our property is pretty..I love to garden. Thanks!
4.Glad you like the site for downloads.
Have a great long weekend.

Lynn said...

Spot of Tea is sooo pretty! I love it! Ann invited me as well to her retreat. I was working this year but I'm hoping to go on the next one. It sounds like a lot of fun with great company!

Stitch Wizard said...

I just love your progress on A Spot of Tea 1!! Wow it is just beautiful and red is my favorite color! Your stitching is just awesome!! Your kitty is so cute! I came from a town in Idaho called Rupert! Thank you so much for your really nice comment in my blog! I am doing better and looking forward to DH being off for the labor day weekend here. I think that our country needs to do something with healthcare. You have a much better system there I am sure. Hugs Debby:)

Michelle said...

Love your progress - it is looking lovely. That book sounds like a good read - I'll have to check it out.