Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well, it's back to work for DH and I after two glorious weeks of vacation.
(Insert heavy, depressed sigh here). But to begin, here is an update on
Spot of Tea 1 which has seen some attention from me since I finished
Blueberries. This is the full width of the design, and I would guess that
the project is a bit over half way done. Thing is, the instructions said that
this project would use 5 skeins of the floss. Not liking to leave these things
to chance I ordered 6 skeins of floss, and felt that I'd covered any
eventuality. I have two full skeins left, and slightly over half of the one
that I'm currently using. I guess that there's nothing for it but to keep at
it and hope for the best.

I mentioned in the previous post that I'd gotten my hair cut. Well, I took
a picture to show the results. Sort of. Taking a picture of yourself with
your own camera is an awkward business. I took about eight pictures
and managed to decapitate myself in most of them. Still, you get the idea.
It takes me just a couple of minutes to dry my hair in the mornings after
I wash it. So that's mighty helpful when rushing to get ready for work.
Say Cheese!!!
Okay, this is a picture for Kerry. I went to the World's Biggest Book
Store in Toronto last week and found that they were selling copies of
Anne Bishop's books which had been signed by the author. Since I
didn't have this book by her yet I pounced. While it's not quite as nice
as meeting the lady and having her sign the book for me, it's the next
best thing.
Meanwhile, my next reading project is Eclipse, book three in
Stephenie Meyer's young adult series. I am thoroughly engrossed
in the story now. It's going to be one of those books that you can't
put down, but also don't want to end.

Thanks to everyone who commented about the pictures from my
library. Gina, my DH enjoys reading on occasion, but he's not the
rabid reader that I am, and is more bemused by my collection then
anything else. He'd be just as happy going to the lending library.
I haven't borrowed books from a lending library since my teens.
Nice places to browse I guess, but I find that they have very odd
ideas. They expect you to give the books back!!! Imagine!!??

DH, DSIL, friend Darlene and I went to see We Will Rock You on
Thursday at the Canon theatre in Toronto. Before the show DH, DSIL
and I had dinner at Red Lobster in the Atrium, and then we went to
the Worlds Biggest Bookstore to kill time before heading to the show.
We met Darlene at the theatre. What a wonderful show. Imagine,
the incredible music of Queen, performed live!! Since we'll never have
a chance to see the actual group in concert, this is the next best thing.

The show is like Mama Mia, with a story woven around the songs.
The young man who plays the lead, Yvan Pedneault, had an incredible
voice, and was very pleasing to the eye as well. The lady who played
Killer Queen, Alana Bridgewater, had a voice that commanded the
stage and took our breaths away. The rest of the cast was equally
amazing as well, and the back up musicians were both flawless and
tight in their playing. It was loud, colourful and joyful. We all
agreed that we'd love to see it again, if we could afford to.

Darlene came for the weekend just passed so that we could catch a
couple of movies that were on our list of things to see. We saw
Stardust, which was a fantasy and which we enjoyed very much,
and we saw the musical Hairspray. I've never seen Hairspray in any
of it's previous incarnations so was curious. The music was lively and
bright, and the movie itself was delightful. Coincidentally, Michelle
Pfeiffer started in both of the movies. What a beautiful woman she
is. And a talented actress.

Finally, here we have the obligatory picture of furry goodness. Phoebe and
Rupert sprawled in the recliner last weekend taking a nap. He always uses
her as a pillow.


Kerry said...

Ooooh, I'm jealous. Indeed I am. :-) It's also a really good collection of stories, so enjoy it.

I did get a signed bookplate from Anne Bishop for the new trade version of "Daughter of the Blood" (which is a hostage at my speciatly bookstore until I can afford to pay the ransom), so I'm looking forward to sticking that in once the book comes home.

Your Spot of Tea is looking really nice.

I'm not feeling up to stitching at the moment, so I actually started a quilt top (pictures and blog post to come once I take the photos). I don't know how fast it will get done (or when Dave will want the kitchen table back), but it is lovely to have made a start on it.

Karen said...

Spot of tea is looking lovely. I love the designs in the corners. I hope your two skeins of thread hold out. Love the new hair. Mine is shoulder length but I still only spend minutes on it in the morning (usually becuase I just tie it back. gets in the way at work otherwise).

You went to the worlds biggest book store and only came away with one book? I bet you had trouble just leaving the store. I know I would have.


AnnMcD said...

Another stitcher from the Toronto area!
I saw your comment on Beatrice's blog...next year you must make plans to join us at the retreat in Brighton. It's only a couple of hours down the highway from you! and you would be very welcome.

Carla said...

Nice wip!!...I hope you don't run out of thread.

Michelle said...

Spot of Tea is looking gorgeous! I want to see Stardust - hopefully soon. I kept thinking I'd read that book, but I think I actually read Neverwhere. Your kitties are so cute!

Beatrice said...

Your hair looks good.
And those little furry creatures are sweet.I noticed Ann's invite. It would be fun to have you there.

stitcherw said...

What cute kitties, they look so comfy all snuggled up. I haven't seen either Stardust or Hairspray yet, but both are on my list to get to.

Cup of Tea is looking wonderful, but I'd be nervous too with the floss that is left. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you don't run into any problems. Could you maybe order one more skein and hopefully they'll still have the same dyelot just in case?

tkdchick said...

Vacations ending really suck.