Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Since I'm on holidays and have more stitching time on my hands then I
usually do I decided to start a small project, to alternate with my bigger
project. So I chose to start "Blueberries" by LHN. This will join "Peaches"
once it is completed, as well as a few other LHN smalls that I've got for
future stitching. Oh, the blue threads in this one are so beautiful. I'm not
sure that the picture does them justice.

Vacation continues to be a blast. Not that we're doing a great deal, but hey,
at least we're not at work. Last evening DH and I went to our local pub for
dinner and jam night. We've been hearing about jam night for ages now, and
we kept saying that we wanted to go some time, but didn't want such a late
night while working. On jam night everyone is welcome to come in after a
certain time (8:00) with any instrument that you might care to bring along,
as long as it is acoustic. Tables are lined up in the centre of the room and
the musicians sit down there, or anywhere else in the room that they care
to, and they take turns selecting a song to play and sing. The other
musicians can join in with their instruments if they wish and if the song is
well known we can all sing along, at least with the chorus.

It was a dark and stormy night (sorry, couldn't resist) and our friend Brenda,
who runs the pub, was worried that the weather might keep many people
away. Well, first one guy arrived, pulled a guitar out of it's carrying case,
and sat down to tune it. Then another guy arrived with his guitar, and then
another. In all there was about a dozen people who showed up to sing and
play. Many guitars, a banjo, an accordion, one guy with a box full of harm-
onicas, a flute, and (much to our astonishment) at one point a guy pulled up
in his van and unloaded a base fiddle!!!

The music selection was eclectic, and very much up to the taste and whim
of the musicians. We sang along to Jim Croce, the Beach Boys, Harry
Chapin, Blue Rodeo, as well as songs from Nashville to Cape Breton. And
these people were GOOD!! I'd say some of them had to have played at
least semi-professionally. It was a wonderful evening of music such as
we've never experienced before. We stayed until 11:00 but they were
still going strong when we left. We're off next week, so we plan to go back

When I celebrated (!!??) 30 years with the CIBC last March I was given a
bunch of gift certificates for a mall near where I work, to spend as I
pleased. We don't live near this mall, Square One in Mississauga, so we
put off going there until now when we were on vacation and had the time
to spare, and good weather to get there in. It's not a mall that we're at
all familiar with, so we didn't know what to expect in the way of stores.

I had thought of perhaps finding a new light fixture for the dinning room
or a floor lamp for the living room, but there were no lighting stores in
the mall, and the department stores that were there didn't have much of
a selection. DH and I wandered from one end of that mall to the other,
got lost continually, and ended up confused and bewildered by the size
and layout of the place. We ended up buying new towels for the bath
room with some of the coupons. The rest I blew on DVD's. DH is not a
lover of shopping, so he was getting grouchy and we were both foot sore
and tired, so looking for further practical purchases to make with the
last coupons was not an enticing proposition for us.

So I bought the above DVDs. I have been collecting Buffy for awhile,
so got season five of that. Fame and Beauty and the Beast I use to love
watching back in the 80's, and wanted to have the opportunity to watch
again. I can't wait to watch them.

Thought that once in awhile I'd post a picture of some of my books. So
here's a start. Three shelves from the fantasy section of my library.
These pictures are all clickable, so you can click and get a close up to
see who the authors are, if you so wish. Karen, the top shelf is 3/4's
Raymond Feist and the books in his Magician world.

Spent yesterday afternoon cleaning the library. It really needed it. Well,
it was muggy, overcast and rainy all afternoon, so it was a good time to
clean, I guess. Now, just look at these pictures. I dare you to find a speck
of dust in any of them.

Welcome to Debby, who's blog is Stitch Wizard. She's stitching Just Nan's
Harbour Village at the moment, and it's a beaut. She also does model
stitching, which means that she's really, really an excellent stitcher. She's
stitched some beautiful projects. Go check them out, if you haven't
done so already. And her hubby is an amazing wood worker. He makes
some beautiful pieces.

I've blathered enough for now. DH has been taking a nap, to recover
from his shopping ordeal, but I hear sounds of life downstairs so I guess
he's awake. Should consider making something for us for dinner now.
Cheers all!!


stitcherw said...

Blueberries will be so cute, I love the colors in that one too (what's not to love when it is blue, LOL). Your music night sounds like it was a lot of fun, no wonder you want to go back. However, the best part of your post was your library, it is fantastic. My books are here, there, and everywhere. I'd love for an organized room like yours. Hmmm maybe one of these days.

You asked me if a Boo Boo Stick was really its name yup,
and the funny thing is (and if you click on the picture on my blog and look close you'll see it) it is stamped Judy's Boo Boo Stick, how's that for perfect. :)

As to if I have other thread packs by LHN, yup I've managed to collect several. They are great! Cute, fairly quick, and so nice that they come with the floss in them so they are pretty much all set to stitch. Now I just need to decide which I want to start next.

Beatrice said...

Hi There. Keep singing it's good for what ails you. LOL
Glad you are having a good holiday!
Your Room is terrific . I love to read as well, but now use the local library. It is a very new and large one. Pretty much can get any book you need.
Blueberries is nice so far. I do like the blue.
Enjoy the holidays.

tkdchick said...

Great start on Blueberries! Isn't nice to just get away from work for awhile! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!