Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Update. I love the medallion, second from the left, at the top. I've
stitched a variation of this design before and it's quite neat when done. I
can see a finish on this piece within the next couple of weeks, although I
won't have much time to stitch for the next few days. It's first of the month
at work, which will take up most of my time, and leave me too tired at the
end of the day to risk stitching. I've placed an order at Stitching Bit's n
Bobs because of their labour day sale, and I've ordered two more skeins
of thread for this piece. I'll probably only need one more, but I'm not
taking a chance. Hope there won't be much of a difference between the
colour of these threads and the new ones, but there's not much that I can
do about it anyways.

Wildlife in my garden. Bunny is not a regular visitor, but he does appear
a couple of times a month to graze under the bird feeders, and when he
does I run out with a few carrots and my camera. As you can see he's
not too bothered by my presence, and I can get quite close. On this day
it was a good thing that I went out to greet him too because there was
a cat (not ours) lurking in the bushes next to the feeder watching him.
I scared her away before she could get up to any mischief. She shows
up in our yard during the summer months and we have to chase her off
because she's stalking the birds, and leaving little presents in the garden
for my DH to find. I love cats but I don't appreciate having to clean up
the messes for cats that aren't mine.

I finished reading C.J. Sansom's book Dark Fire last week, and loved it so
much that I just had to check on line to see what other books might be
available in this series, or by this author in general. It turns out that
Dark Fire is the second book in the series. So I ordered the first book
featuring Matthew Shardlake, which is Dissolution, and the third book
Sovereign. Historical mysteries, with political overtones, and lots of
period colour to make these stories a rich and riveting read. Delicious!!

And the latest Kathy Reichs mystery/thriller. It bugs me that the tv
series Bones, which is suppose to be based on these books, has virtually
nothing in common with the books, except for using the name of the main
character. I watched the pilot for the series, all excited because one of
my favourite literary characters was being brought to life, and was
hugely disappointed with the results. I love David Boreanaz, but the
chick who plays Tempe Brennan is in no way close to being the person
who speaks so clearly in Reichs's novels. I'm trying to get over this, and
watch the series as if it's just another mystery series, but it's dang

My SIL came through her surgery with flying colours, came here for a
few days to recover, and has now gone home to finish her recovery.
She's got to watch that she doesn't do any bending or lifting for awhile,
and she'll need to rest up and get back into the swing of things
gradually, but she'll manage. She has neighbours who are willing to go
in and help with some things, such as tending to the needs of her cats.
She was quite happy to be going home.

Well, the kids are back to school, and summer is dwindling away. Did
anyone see where it went?? There's not much one can do about it, except
relax, stretch out on the floor, and enjoy the sun patches where ever they
may fall. As always, Phoebe leads the way. Cheers all!


Beatrice said...

Yes Judy I can see you will have that done in no time at all. Oh if only life didn't get in the way.
The bunny is so cute and your cat well.....sooooo relaxed and pretty

Karen said...

The progress you have made on this piece is amazing. I can't wait to see more. Frustrating that the number of skeins it recommends isn't accurate. I've had that happened to me a few times but I think that in one or two of those cases it might have just been me.

Bunny is very cute. We did have a squirrel visiting our garden for a while but haven't seen him in some time. We do get lots of birds though. My mum is like you. Loves cats but isn't too pleased with what they leave behind in the garden.

I hate it when you are looking forward to something and it never turns out like you had hoped. More frustrating when you love the books it is based on. A friend of mine loves Bones and the Kathy Reichs books but then she generally isn't bothered when there are so many differences. Not being a huge crime fan I haven't read them and the fact that the lead from Angel is the lead in Bones has put me off watching. I'm sure I'll get round to watching it one day.

If I'm in a bookshop with someone I'm less likely to go mad too. I was in a few last week with my sister and so came out empty handed. She wouldn't have said anything had I bought something but the look would have said it. I have such a large pile of books to read that I don't need to buy anymore.

I'm glad that your SIL is recovering nicely.

Take Care,

Michelle said...

Gorgeous progress! What thread are you using?

Litla Skvís said...

Very pretty! What floss are you using? I love the color.

tkdchick said...

Lovely progress!!!

Carla said...

Great progress!

Gina E. said...

What a gorgeous shot of Phoebe! Good enough to be on a calendar! Ah, you have problems with neighbours' cats too, huh? Our neighbor's cat is a darling, very friendly to humans, but we have to chase him from our yard because he stalks the birds. We don't have any rabbits around here, so I don't know what the local cats would do if one hopped in front of them!

Lelia said...

Such a beautiful sampler. I was browsing thru some of my WIPs earlier today & just couldn't get really motivated for anything.

Sweet bunny. We have them in the yard from time-to-time. Our dogs bark & they hurry off.

Good news on your SIL's recovery!

Your cat is beautiful. Wow. What a stunning beauty. Our oldest, 20 yo, Button -- hasn't been feeling well. I took her in yesterday for a visit & have to phone in tomorrow for test results. sigh. I know she is an older cat - but, we still love her.