Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drawn Thread ~ 12 Houses Sampler

After just over two weeks of work, this project is complete. Not only a lovely
design to stitch, but also a good learning experience for me. I made my first
attempts at working a half dozen specialty stitches, as required in the
pattern, with varying degrees of success.

The stitch that I loved the most was the Diagonal Satin Stitch, which was
used for the roof on the house third down on the right hand side. A very
pretty effect. The hardest stitch for me was the Chain Stitch, which was
used on the weeping willow, also on the right hand side of the project. I
made multiple (we won't bother going into just how many) attempts to get
this one right, and even gave up one evening and left it before I got too
frustrated and pitched the whole thing into the neighbour's pool. The next
morning a cooler head and a refreshed outlook allowed me to finally get the
knack of it.

There are several changes on this project which make it uniquely my own.
Some of those changes were intentional, and some were not. The second
house down on the right hand side (my favourite side of the project, it
seems) is almost entirely my own design. It was suppose to have walls in
alternating colours of dark brown, and very pale grey/brown, stitched in
satin stitch. Let's just say that the results after several miscounts, and
forgetting to allow spaces for the windows (once) and the door (twice!!)
were not to my taste at all. I liked the satin stitch roof on another house,
but not the walls on this house. So I picked it all out, and decided to work
on the roof for a break instead. Thought the roof was to be stitched in a
lovely shade of blue. Stitched it that way, and then discovered it was
meant to be dark grey/brown! Nuts! I left it. I liked it the way it was.
But of course then it didn't match the colours of the rest of the house. So
I had to change those. And I just cross stitched that part. It turned out
okay. Over all, I'm pleased with the final results. And now have to
choose my next project. Hmmm. Now what will it be??

I did some book splurging last week as well. Four brand new books to add
to my library. I'd read a lot about Anne Bishop on Kerry's blog and she
was so enthusiastic about the author's writing that I just had to try one.
I've been collecting Phillipa Gregory's books for years and I think this one
is her latest. The Kathy Reichs book I've had on my wish list ever since it
came out because I love her books. But they keep going on sale after I buy
them at full price, which drives me crazy. So I tried to tough it out when
she released this one last spring. So far, no sale. I couldn't wait any longer.
The book by Brandon Sanderson was on sale really cheap, and I loved the
description of the story. It's fantasy, and is book one in a series. I'm very
happy with this little haul, and consider it to be a birthday present to
myself. They were even delivered on my birthday.

Wildlife in my garden. I think that we have several bunnies stopping by
for lunch in our garden, and under our bird feeders this year. This little
guy allowed me quite close to snap a few pictures. Isn't he sweet? And
in the top picture, just behind the pole, on top of the rock, you might just
be able to make out one of our chipmunks.
The indoor wildlife. Rupert and Phoebe. Afternoon snooze time. Mostly
they really do get along. As long as Rupert is allowed to choose the nap
spot of the day, and gets to settle in there first.

Darlene was here for another movie weekend and we did a double header.
Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek the Third. In one afternoon.
We both loved Pirates. It was great fun, and Johnny Depp was fantastic,
as always. I'll be adding this one to my DVD collection for sure. When it
came to Shrek however, Darlene and I disagreed. She thought it was a
pretty good movie. I thought it was dull, and not terribly funny at all.
I think that Eddie Murphy's donkey is beginning to get on my nerves.
Still love Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots.


Pam said...

Your 12 Houses sampler looks great! I have this one to do as soon as I get some fabric to stitch it on. I have never done any specialty stitches so I may be biting off more than I can chew LOL. Looking forward to see what you start next =)

BeckySC said...

Congratulations on your finish! It looks GREAT!!

Gina E. said...

Great job on the cross stitch, and even greater job with that photo of Rupert and Phoebe! You should submit some of your cat photos to one of those calendar companies!

Dar said...

...when you "blow" up your top picture of the bunny, you can see the chipmunk...really cute.

Your 12 House Sampler turned out great:)

Karen said...

The house sampler looks fantastic all finished. Congrats on another finish (you seem to be on a ball with them). I just can't do chain stitches although I do love their affect. Your chain stitches have turned out well. I would have probably destroyed the fabric trying and then tossed it aside in frustration, lol.

My mum is a fan of Kathy Reichs. This one is out on Paperback here and I bought it for her not that long ago. She seemed to very much enjoy it. I'm not a fan of Philippa Gregory I'm afraid. I tried one and that was enough.

Lelia said...

YAY!!! Looks wonderful. I think I might have that one in my stash, too. Excellent changes you made on it, too. You tossed into the pool? LOL. I think you did a smashing good job.

Luv your bunny in the garden. What a cute critter. Hope it leaves your flowers alone. We have lots of rabbits out here & on occassion, they like to nibble. Seems there are enough flowers for them all to eat. We have infrequent chipmunks - they are fun to watch.

I'm working on my fair entries right now. They have to be finished by July 15th. Some of my 'stuff' needs a lot of work! But, hey, it is a fun thing to do.

I have not seen any of the recent movies. My boys want to see the pirate one. My husband wants to wait until the theatre isn't packed!

Enjoy the day

Kerry said...

The sampler looks lovely. The Drawn Thread do some beautiful stuff, don't they. I started Alpine Garden a while back and then got tired again, but seeing this I want to pick it back up.

I bought Sebastian too just before going on holiday. I don't know quite when it will come to the top of the TBR pile. (Will be adding my May reads with some very short notes to my blog shortly if you need any other temptations. :-)

I look forward to seeing what you think of Elantris, as that has been on my "thinking about it" list for quite a while.