Saturday, May 05, 2007

There is nothing like Paris in the spring time. Or so they say. And who am
I to argue with them?? So, on a perfect spring day, my SIL and our friend
Nancy and I headed out for a day of shopping and lunching in Paris. Oh,
guess that I should tack an "Ontario" onto the end of that sentence. The
drive from my front door took about 40 minutes, including a run on the
401 highway, plus some touring through farm country. It was a sunny
day, with temperatures in the 60's and a frisky breeze blowing and
snatching at my sun hat.

Paris, Ontario is located between Brantford and Cambridge and the main
street follows along beside the Grand River, with the stores on that side
backing onto the river, often with windows looking down onto the river
below. The main street features small stores with a nice selection of
goods for sale, including many gift stores and the odd antique shop.
Many of the stores are housed in buildings that probably date back over
80 years and those still retain some of their architectural features both
inside and out. Below is a picture of a ceiling medallion in a shop which
sold linens, towels, and fabrics.
After wandering around town for several hours, browsing through the
lovely shops, and enjoying the sights, we decided to look for someplace
nice to have lunch. We ended up at the Spruce Goose Restaurant (below)
which served delicious home made food. I had a Club sandwich, SIL had
a quiche and salad, and Nancy had a spinach salad. Just the nourishment
we needed to allow us to continue with our shopping.

Our final stop was the Mary Maxim's store located on the outskirts of Paris.
A large craft supply store which has been in business in the area for many,
many years. I've been a couple of times in the past and it was always lots
of fun to see all the lovely stuff that they sold. But that was before Michael's
came to Canada. Now, Michael's is scattered all over Southern Ontario, and
it pretty much carries the same things as Mary Maxim's, and more. The
selection of cross stitch supplies in Mary Maxim's is standard stuff. DMC
threads and material, kits by Dimensions and others, and the needles,
stands and stuff.
I didn't buy anything at Mary Maxim's, although they had a table top
Ott light that I was looking at and was considering buying. I need a good
light for home stitching but I'd prefer a floor model for use while sitting
in a comfy chair or sitting at the kitchen table. But the cost of a floor lamp
is prohibitive, at least at this time. Over $350.00 Canadian!! Eeek!! And
the table lamp would work out, with tax etc, to about half of that. I'm
saving my funds at the moment for our trip to the garden centre at the end
of the month, so the Ott light stayed behind when we left the store.

Actually, all I bought today was a gift for my Mom for Mother's Day next
weekend. Shocking, I know. But it was a lovely outing which we all
enjoyed very much. Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend too.


BeckySC said...

WOW, great pics :)

I left you a note on my blog...actually an apology as I had to redo my last post as my needlebook was not showing up in google reader -I copied your comments and added them to the new post, but they are under my name :) I didn't want you to think I purposely deleted you :)

hugs :)

Karin said...

Paris, Ontario looks lovely! Glad you had a good day for shopping.

Shannon L. said...

Love the pictures :) We had our late (February) "Christmas" dinner in Paris ! I always tease A when we drive through there that he's such a romantic, taking me all the way to Paris just for dinner. lol But I must confess, we've never stopped except at a restaurant. It looks like I'll have to make him stop next time. Thanks for sharing :)

Gina E. said...

Lovely photos, Judy! They brought back long forgotten memories for me of my time in the USA more than 30 years ago. I just loved the small town look and feel - much more so than the big cities, although they have their own fascination.

Anonymous said...