Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cha Cha Cha.....All done!

Country Shops by Cross Country Stitching. This was in one of their
magazines from around 1996, but I believe that it is now available in chart
form from them if you are interested. This time around the vine stitching
went quite smoothly and did not require any major frogging. So now I have
two of these designs to hang together someday.
Saturday was DH and my 17th wedding anniversary. So Friday night he
came home with a bouquet of carnations for me. Brave soul to venture
into a floral shop just days before the Mother's Day rush!! I was quite
delighted, although these have to be kept shut up in the computer room
so that the cats don't eat the baby's breath or the fern.

Darlene was here this weekend, as we began the official summer movie
season with Spiderman 3. We went Saturday afternoon when there were
no crowds to fight for a seat and we had lunch there before the movie

Now, Spiderman is my favourite super hero. I'm not big on Superman, or
Batman, although I do like the Xmen. But I love Spiderman, and I've
always enjoyed the Spiderman trilogy, and Tobey Maguire in the title roll.
But this time I was concerned because there were to be 3 villains in this
installment of the series, and I had heard that it was too much of a good
thing. But Darlene and I agreed that it was much better then we'd been
expecting and we enjoyed it thoroughly. The story was well laid out,
and everything was explained pretty clearly, and the special effects were
fantastic. I think the second movie in this series will always be my
personal favourite, but this one is a worthy addition to the series.

Saturday evening was a barbecue at the home of a member of DH's
praise group choir. DH had been to a practice during the afternoon
because the group was singing at another church the next day and
they had to get set up at the church and get to know the layout. He
doesn't go to the movies with Darlene and I too often because at
6'5" he's all legs, and there's usually not a lot of room for them in the
movie theatres. Anyways, the barbecue was most enjoyable, with
the kids running around the yard, the adults sitting around the
table munching finger food, and enjoying themselves.
For Mother's day my SIL, my friend Darlene, DH and I went to the
wonderful brunch which is held every year at my mom's residence. Loads
of yummy food to choose from as envisioned in these pictures. Above is
the desert table, which featured Belgium waffles, with mixed fruit compote,
and vanilla yogurt and granola to sprinkle over all. Not to mention the
little desert squares, and a large bowl of fruit salad. Mmmmmmmm!!!
As you can see the main course table was full of yummy goodness too.
All presented so beautifully it was hard to dig in and ruin the look. A
mixture of cold salads of all types, to hot foods like roast beef, Mexican
style scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and a salmon/shrimp pate.

And here we have Phoebe in the bathroom sink. This is what she does
in the mornings when I'm trying to get ready for work and she wants
some love and attention.


BeckySC said...

Congratulations on your finish :) I know you must be thrilled :)

Love your kitty pic :)

Gina E. said...

Congratulations on your 17th Anniversary! Also on finishing that fabulous XS project - it is just stunning. I am trying to focus on finishing my Indian Chief this year; I wish I could stitch as fast as you!
Love the pic of Phoebe in the sink - aren't cats funny when they find somewhere really weird to have a nap!!

Litla Skvís said...

It looks beautiful! I saw Spiderman 3 yesterday and really liked it :)

azlinda said...

Yummy!!!!!everything looks delicious..I hope I can join you celebrating Mother's Day..