Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Firstly, the latest in storage for your pet. Is your pet underfoot when not
in use? Well, we have the solution. Box-a-Pet. Comes in two styles. High
sides, and low sides. Bone extra. Cats too.

After finishing Country Shops I was ready to begin a new project and I'd
already decided to start a Drawn Thread design and I wanted to work
on that project on my Q-snaps. Trouble was my Q-snaps already had a
project on it. I began this piece at Christmas, and got the snowflakes done
and had begun the outside boarder. I thought that the project needed a
little sparkle, so I mixed a thread of Krenik metallic red with the two
threads of required colour and began to stitch. I'd never used metallic
thread before. Not fun! I worked at it doggedly, but cursing under my
breath throughout, until I couldn't take it any longer. The piece got tossed
in a bag and left with less then half of one side of the boarder left to stitch.

When I pulled it out again last week I decided that I had to finish it before
starting the next project. So I sat down and after about half of an hour of
slogging I got the blasted boarder done!! After that it was a couple of days
work on the back stitched and cross stitched inner boarder and the letters
and hey presto! Another finish. Another happy dance.

Two finishes in one week! Look out Becky. I'm going to start giving you a
run for your money if I keep this up. Lol!

We have three cherry trees lining the driveway at the front of our house
and they are each reaching their peak of blossoming perfection at their
own speed. Two of the trees are white, and the middle one is pink. The
pink one is always the last to bloom, but well worth the wait.

When you come to stay at our house for the weekend we offer many
special services to make your stay more enjoyable. One of the most
popular of these is the in-house stylist, who will wash, comb and style
your hair in any of the latest fashions. He has had many years of
experience and truly enjoys his work. Hi Darlene. :)

We've had several storm cells pass through since dinner time tonight.
Lots of heavy rain, high winds, thunder and lightening. South of us they
have gotten even worse, with hail as well. Will probably get more later
on tonight, but at the moment things are calm, the birds are singing, and
the sun has almost set.


Karen said...

Congrats on both your finishes. I love country shops. I think it's the bright colours in the design. I know what you mean about stitching with metallic threads. They are so infuriating to work with. Worth it in the end though which is why I keep going back to them. krenik is actually better to work with than DMC or Anchor metallic threads. What are you planning to stitch next?

Litla Skvís said...

ROFL! I love your cat! I need to get my hair done, maybe I should come over? :)

Your finish is great, I love the sparkle the Kreinik gives but yes, it is a PITA to work with!

Shannon L. said...

Glad to hear you survived the nasty weather. That was quite the series of storms !

Love the finish ! Try Rainbow Gallery Petite Braids next time - they're much easier to use than Kreniks. For me anyway.

Your cats crack me up ! LOL

Dar said...

...I was wondering if I was going to see that picture on your blog. I figured something was up when you asked me if I looked at your blog lately. Give the "hairstylist" a nudge for me...LOL

Lelia said...

Your finishes are awesome!

Luv your cat pictures : ) They are the sweetest pets : )