Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well, here we are at the end of the second week of work on this project
and the first shop is almost done. There is a gate to add between this
building and the next one along, and then I'll be working on building
number two.

I've been back stitching quite a bit today. I think many stitcher's have
a love/hate relationship with back stitching. On the one hand it can be
mighty tedious, and if being done in a dark area of a project it's hard on
the eyes. Then there's the..."did I back stitch this area already or is it
just the dark cross stitches tricking my eyes?" On the other hand it
must be admitted that back stitching a project really makes it POP!
Suddenly the project becomes three dimensional. And back stitching
can be a relaxing process, as long as you don't get carried away and
back stitch where you shouldn't.

This week at work I celebrated (??) 30 years with C.I.B.C. It's hard
to believe but I've been working for the same company for 30 years.
Started out as a teller at a branch at Bay and Richmond, in downtown
Toronto and worked in that branch for 12 years. Then I transferred to
back office processing, which was in it's infancy then, and I've been
there for almost 18 years.

As a teller I was held up twice, once during my first summer on cash
and the second time was in the 12th year of my time at the branch.
It was the reason for my request to transfer out of the branch and
into back office work. Enough was enough. I should point out that
neither of my "hold ups" were in any way traumatic. The first time
actually ended up as one of those "funny" stories that everyone
wants to hear and laugh about. The second time it was some older
guy off the street probably looking for booze money. And in both
cases I did not hand over any money. Not due to bravery or fool-
hardiness or anything on my part. It just didn't work out for the idiot
with the holdup note. Long stories.

So at work yesterday I got a cake, and a bunch of co-workers gathered
to wish me well and eat the cake. Mostly I think that they were there
to eat the cake. I got a couple of letters from the powers-that-be who
run our professional lives, thanking me for my years of service, and I
have been given my choice of gift cards, to use as I wish. I've got to talk
to DH about that. Now, only 16 more years to go and I can retire.

The weather here has been just wonderful this week. Especially on
Tuesday when it got to be in the mid 60's. Lots of sun shine too. It's
been glorious. Even sat out on the front stoop cross stitching for
awhile. And visiting with the neighbours. We don't see each other
for much of the winter, so when the weather improves we venture
out of our dens and renew acquaintances.

Shannon, I know what you mean about short distances making an
amazing difference in how our gardens are fairing. But I think that
many of our plants got a head start in December and January when
we had those unseasonably warm temperatures, no frost and no
snow. Things were starting to poke out of the ground back then,
before we got our first frost and the cold weather finally arrived.


BeckySC said...
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BeckySC said...

It looks great, congrats on your progress :)
Sorry for the deleted fingers got ahead of my brain :)