Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Once more across the floor...

Blueberry House Quilts
From: Cross Country Stitching
Issue dated: October 1995

I started this one a year ago, and I guess I got around 90% done when
something else caught my attention. So this became a UFO and
languished in my stitching drawer for almost a year.

After finishing my PS yesterday I was suddenly bereft of something to
stitch. Such a state of affairs could not be tolerated, so I went looking
for this project to finally finish. I even had the threads for the project
still in one of my little portable storage boxes waiting for the final push.
So today at work I made the supreme effort and finished off some back
stitching, one section of the vine at the top of the project, and all the
back stitch lettering. What I couldn't quite finish at work (they tend to
get a little huffy at the bank when you sit at your desk cross stitching
all day. Don't know why.) I finished here at home this evening.

I really love this piece. The bright colours and the fanciful architecture
of the houses is right up my alley. I love stitching houses. And this is
just one in a HUGE series published in various issues of this magazine
over the years. I think that I have about six or so of them, but there
are in fact probably close to 15 or more. I believe that they all use the
same colours, just mixed up and rearranged to match. I have another
one that I want to do with a Book Store in it. Well, of course.

Thank you to Becky and Shannon for your kind remarks, and hello
Maree and welcome to my blog. So glad that you dropped in. I'll be
coming to visit your blog soon.

Gotta go and spend some quality time with a neglected and annoyed
Phee cat who hasn't had her evening cuddle yet. Cheers all!

(Judy glides gracefully from the blogsphere.......trips over a footstool
and breaks her fanny....)


BeckySC said...

A HUGE congratulations to you! It looks wonderful!!

Karen said...

Congrats on your finish! It really is lovely. I like the bright colours too. Are you stitching the one with the book shope next? I look forward to seeing it.

Sandy said...

I love these, I've stitched three of the pieces and have all the magazines with them in it to stitch. I love your piece, it looks great.

Pam said...

Great finish Judy! I like these types of houses. Congrats on your PS finish as well!

Shannon L. said...

LOL Judy, you remind me of some of my favourite characters in mystery novels with your "graceful" exit. Well that and it's something I would do myself quite literally :)

Congratulations on your finish ! That's a big one, isn't it ? The colours are wonderful. The book shop one definitely sounds perfect for you !