Tuesday, March 20, 2007

As you can see I have not yet figured out how to take an unblurry, close up
picture of my stitching. But at least you get an idea of what I've been up to
since Saturday afternoon. This is another of Cross Country Stitching's
"Country Shops" series which will feature a bookshop, a historic society
and the above gift shop. I haven't done any back stitching on this yet, so
it doesn't quite POP like it will once that's done.

On Saturday, after two whole days without cross stitching I convinced DH
to drive me to Acton (20 minutes north west of here) to go to the Needle
Gnome, our LNS. I needed material to stitch on. My orders from the
on line LNS shops were coming via donkey train, with stopovers in Siberia,
Antarctica, Easter Island and the outer rings of Saturn, so I had to do
something to tide me over until they showed up.

I was very good and was only in the store for under half an hour. I
concentrated on picking up several cuts of creme coloured 28 count linen
for a couple of these "Country Shops" and another piece of linen in 28
count in a flax colour which might work out for another piece, the "Sampler
Game Board" by Drawn Thread. I'll have to see when I get the chart.
I browsed through some of the charts in the store but they don't carry many
of my favourite designer's charts and I can order those on line and have
them delivered directly to me at home rather then having to privale upon
DH to taxi me there and back again. Oh, I did pick up one chart at the
shop....Stargazer by Mirabilia. Don't know when I'll get around to stitching
it, but at least I have it here, safe and ready to go.

Since DH was so patient, sitting on a chair in the Needle Gnome and
snoozing while I dithered over fabric, I treated him to a trip to the pub for
lunch and a Guiness to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I skipped lunch
because I'd had a late breakfast, but DH enjoyed a bowl of home made
Leek and Potato soup, and a warm herb scone, fresh from the oven. He
allowed me a nibble of the scone and it was so delicious!

Once back home DH settled for a nap in front of the fire, while Phee and
I adjurned to the computer room to begin stitching my next project. See
above picture.

Saturday night we had tickets to a concert at the Rose theatre in Brampton
where we saw the Irish Decendants, one of our favourite bands. The Rose
theatre opened last Fall and is a lovely little theatre. Not fancy, but quite
elegant and well layed out. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house.
Parking is right under the theatre so you don't even have to venture out-
side unless you want to. And it was free. Can't beat that.

The Irish Decendants are from Newfoundland, and have been together
for about 15 years or so. DH and I have seen them in concert four times
now and we have many of their CD's. The line up on Saturday night
featured the four guys, playing fiddle, accoustic guitar, accordian and
electric guitar, suplimented with various other instruments such as
mandolin and bodhran. The guys also sang acappalla a few times during
the show. The music was a mix of down east tunes and music from
Ireland and Scotland, with lots of humour thrown in. All in all a great
This is Sunday afternoon, in the living room. I cross stitched and the cats
sun bathed. Tried listening to music while I stitched but we had two
power failures during that time, including one which lasted well over an
hour. Not sure why, but it was quite windy that day so perhaps that was
the reason.

I'm reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" by Kim Edwards. It's quite
a good book and I've been enjoying it. Should be done reading it tomorrow.


Shannon L. said...

Glad to hear you went to the Needle Gnome - I haven't been there, but hopefully will go someday. I hear they have some beautiful models to see ? But then I have yet to meet a needlework store I didn't love - regardless of it's size or stock LOL

Your cats are so beautiful ! And thank you for mentioning the book - I've just read a synopsis of it, and it's now on my to-be-read-list :)

BTW, your new project is coming along great - the colours are very vibrant. A great way to start off the spring season!

BeckySC said...

Your progress looks great :)

You have beautiful cats :)