Saturday, March 10, 2007

This little pattern came from a chart book published by Dimensions called
Country Angels ~ Book three. The designer is Barbara Mock. I stitched
this one awhile ago, and gave it to a friend's daughter as a birthday gift.
It is stitched on Aida cloth.

I love opening up my craft cupboard to get something out, like the chart
for the above project to look up the designing info. I keep some of my
supply of Partylite candles in there as well, and so it sends out a waft of
beautiful scent whenever the doors are opened. Just have to watch that
the piles of cross stitch magazines and charts don't pour out in an
avalanche of thunderous proportions and land on my (bare) foot. They're
balanced a little precariously in there.

This has been such a lazy morning for DH and I and the cats. DH got up
first because the cats were getting hungry and whining about it to him.
I got up next, about an hour later and went down to put the kettle on and
see about breakfast. After a leisurely breakfast with multiple cups of tea
and the latest People magazine featuring their coverage of Oscar Night,
DH headed back to bed for a snooze, with Rupert joining him. Phoebe and
I came into the computer room to do some book keeping and read blogs.
It's coming up on noon now and DH is having a shower and I'm typing this
blog entry before I go in for my own shower. Rupert is still in bed.

Last Tuesday was DH's birthday, which was a quiet affair because of it
being a work day, and I worked a full day and didn't get home until late.
So today we're having his birthday dinner. My mom is coming, and SIL
was suppose to come, but she called earlier to say that she had a nasty
cold and didn't feel up to it. She was suppose to be bringing the birthday
cake, so now I have a problem. Perhaps when DH goes to get my Mom
I'll go too and get him to stop at the store so I can pick up a cake or

This picture shows another of my friend Linda's special creations. I believe
that the pattern for the doll was an Alma Lynn design. I don't know if you
can make it out, but Linda has stitched a little x-stitch pattern on her apron.
Linda use to make things like this and sell them, and my Mom bought this
one for her place. When she was downsizing to move into the retirement
residence a few years ago I inherited her, which delighted me no end
because I love her colours and the fabrics used for her clothes.

This head on shot is a bit dark around the edges, but you can see the
detailing on her apron better. I love her pigtails and her lacy under

I've been so naughty this past week. I ordered a pile of charts from
Stitching Bit's n Bobs, including three of the Little House Needleworks
charts with the Crescent Colours threads. I've never used anything to
stitch except for DMC regular threads so I can't wait to try these out.
I also ordered Drawn Threads "Sampler Game Board" chart which I've
seen Lelia and others doing on their blogs and I love it so much. And
I've ordered Prairie Schooler's "Autumn Leaves" chart because I've
been drooling over it forever. I love Autumn themed stuff, and indeed
any charts with a seasons theme.

I'm still awaiting an order from the Cross Stitch Cupboard in Ottawa
which I placed in January. I ordered fabric, threads and a few charts
and have been awaiting them in eager anticipation. After six weeks
had passed I sent an enquiry about the order and have received a reply
that they are waiting for some of the threads to come, as well as one of
the fabrics. They are sending out the rest of the order now and will
forward the rest when they get it.

I should concentrate on building up my supply of fabric and specialty
threads rather then charts because I have a ton of stuff to stitch and
very little fabric, except for Aida, to stitch on. And I love the look of
the fancy threads, but haven't had any experience or first hand exposure
to them as yet.

The weather is wet and grey today, but the temperature is suppose to
go all the way up to +6 which is practically summer after the cold
temperatures we've been enduring lately. I've got three weeks to go
until a weeks vacation, at the beginning of April. I'd really like to be
able to spend my afternoons sitting on the front stoop cross stitching
like I did last year at the end of March when I had a week off. Will it
be possible? One can only hope.

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Shannon L. said...

Yay ! Stash splurges are fun, and I bet you'll have a ton of fun with some new threads. It's always neat to try the new ones that are coming out. The colours are just magnificent. I'm like you, I've been trying to build up more fabric/threads than charts. I already have so many charts to stitch, if only I could win the lottery and stitch all day instead of working :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. That bunny is beautiful !

I hope your DH had a great post-birthday dinner :)