Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shall we dance....

"A Prairie Garden"
By: The Prairie Schooler
Design by: Pam Brunke

Well, here we are. I was so close to a finish at work today it was almost
unbearable to have to put the piece away and settle down to work. So
when I got home this afternoon I sat myself down on the couch in the
living room and got to work. Half an hour later I was done!

I have given the piece a light pressing for now. I have taken the obligatory
pictures. I have even performed the final, official act of closure for any
stitching project. I have gone through my small travel box, removed the
little floss bobbins with the left over thread on them, and returned them to
the 4 big organizers full of DMC threads, where they shall sit and wait until
such time as they are pulled forth into the light again for use on yet another

I left the project on the kitchen table and waited for DH to come home.
When he arrived he greeted the cats, who were waiting at the front door
to welcome him home as usual, stowed his coat and stuff in the hall closet,
and came up to the kitchen. I was getting dinner ready so we talked and
exchanged news while I worked and he put stuff on the table, looked out
the back door, and wandered back and forth.....all without comment.

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I planted myself in front of him
and looked him dead in the eye and said....."Well? What do you think?".
He looked at me, beamed and said....."Oh, you got your hair done."

Anybody know where you can dispose of dead bodies without encouraging
any undo attention from the authorities???


Shannon L. said...

LOL That is classic ! What a guy you have there :)

Your finish is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen that piece before. Congratulations !!!

BeckySC said...

Just gorgeous!!! I love it! Congratulations :)

Maree said...

LOL! Funny how they go for the haircut first before anything else. Beautiful finish! :)

Litla Skvís said...

Tango or Salsa? :o)
Congrats on your finish!