Friday, January 05, 2007

I don't know which event I'm most excited about...getting stash in the
mail today.....or that I was able to program my new camera to link with
my computer. So now I can take my own pictures and put them on my
blog. How cool is that?? Okay, humour me here folks, I'm not at all a techie
person (just ask Darlene) so arranging it so that my new camera talks to
my old computer, and not blowing either up in the process is a MAJOR accomplishment for me.

So now I can have a visual blog, which is far more entertaining for the
people who visit here then reading my words, as I tend to blather away
without knowing when to stop. I'm still getting to know my camera,
and learning how to take the best pictures with it, but knowing I can
view thumbnails of each picture that I've taken, and can delete the ones
that I don't like or that don't turn out, gives me a great feeling of
confidence. It's not like I'm going to be wasting film or paying to have
lousy pictures developed.

I have many old back issues of "Cross Country Stitching" but none past
the year 1996. I have always like this magazine and have found some
great designs to stitch, in just about every issue. While browsing their
website I found the back issues area and decided to order some of the
special Alphabet issues. There is some really great stuff in here, and my
fingers are tingling in anticipation of stitching some of the designs.

To those who have included admiration and praise for Phoebe in the
comments section, Phee and I say thank you. You are most kind. I'm
afraid that many pictures of Rupert and Phoebe are likely to be posted
to this blog in the months to come. I tend to be quite the doting "parent"
when it comes to my fur babies. You've been warned.

I've been reading a book of short stories called "Cravings". The stories
are all of the "supernatural romance" genre and the writers who contrib-
uted to the book are: Laurell K Hamilton (who doesn't seem to concern
herself too much these days with the need to actually have anything happen
in her stories except to find excuses to get her heroines into bed (and out)
with as many men, at once, as possible!!). Maryjanice Davidson, Eileen
Wilks and Rebecca York. I've never read any of the above ladies before,
except for Laurell K Hamilton, and I enjoyed their stories very much.

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