Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Remember I warned you about pictures of the cats appearing on this
blog. Above is Rupert in the bathroom cupboard inspecting the
towels for suitable degrees of fluffiness and softness. Really.

Then we have Phoebe, reacting to the flash on my camera. She's
sitting on her cushion, on the desk, here in the computer room.

Two full days of work so far this week. I expect that tomorrow things
should simmer down and I'll be back to part time hours. Good thing
too because I have chores to do, and haven't been home in decent time
to do them.

It's gotten cold out today. Not Great White North cold, but cold
compared to what we've been having so far this weird winter season.
Might even see some snow flurries over night tonight. The one thing
that rain has going for it, that snow doesn't, is that it sounds so lovely
hearing it rain when you're in bed and settling in to sleep. A very
soothing sound. Snow, of course, doesn't make any sound. And yet,
having said that, there is a sort of "silence" that I recognize when
waking up some winter mornings, when I just know before even
looking out the window that it has snowed.

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Gina E. said...

Happy New Year Phoebe and Rupert! (oh - and Judy - LOL). I won't be turned off by more photos of your gorgeous pussies, Judy - some of my favorite blogs are those who frequently have photos of their cats. I giggled at your description of Rupert testing the towels for softness; our cats have often been discovered in the linen cupboard curled up on a pile of clean towels or sheets (which have to be washing AGAIN!).