Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm posting these pictures for Gina, who asked me about the
embroidered post cards from WWI that I have, and were
glimpsed in a picture on a previous post.
Above are the six cards which have been in my Mom's family
since the war. They were sent from France by my Grandfather
Fogden to his family and his girlfriend (who eventually became
his wife). Each one is for a different occasion, and there is
usually a note written on the back of each card.
In the first picture the cards say:
1) Happy Easter
2) I love You
3) Thoughts of You Bring Sunshine.
In the second picture the cards say:
1) To My Dear Sister
2) Allies de 1915
3) Forget Me Not

Each card is so delicate and with bright colours and fine
detail work. It's hard to believe that these could have survived
a trip in the mail, even in an envelope. Especially during a war
time setting.

A busy weekend for us. Yesterday we were suppose to take my
Mom to the dentist for a couple of fillings. She has four teeth
that require fillings and she was to make two visits to get them
done. The dentist is only in on Saturdays once a month, but it
means that DH doesn't have to take time off of work to take her
and I can go too. Unfortunately we got a call from the Dentist's
office at 9:30 yesterday morning to say that the appointment
would have to be rescheduled because the Doctor was sick.
So I called the residence to let my Mom know that she had a
reprieve for a month. She was quite relieved about that because
she doesn't like going to the dentist any more then the rest of us
do, but at the same time it means prolonging the anxiety for
another month.

In the afternoon I went to a friend's annual birthday party. Just
a bunch of girls getting together, sans male partners, to chat and
eat great food made by the birthday girl's older sister. This years
meal was a Chinese food theme. We had Sechuan soup to start,
then the main course of Chinese sweet and sour chicken wings,
fried rice, salad and spring rolls. Desert was sorbet and the most
amazing thing...a basket of flowers made out of fruit. See picture
below. There was cantaloupe, honeydew melon, red grapes,
plain strawberries, and chocolate covered strawberries, and
pineapple. We just plucked the skewers holding the fruit in
the basket out and ate them like popsicles.

After the party ended, around six, DH came and picked me up
and we drove to the pub, our usual place called the Copper
Kettle, for dinner. It was Robbie Burns day this week and we
always go to the pub for dinner to celebrate. However we walked
in the front door of the pub to be greeted by the owner with the
warning that we'd probably not want to stay. Turns out their
furnace had quit during the night and they had no heat. Well,
we kept our coats on and stayed anyways. We had a nice dinner
and a little visit with our friends who run the place, but we didn't
stay as long as we might have done under normal conditions.
All in all it was a busy day.
Gina, I've got more post cards to share pictures of in my next post.
This one is getting a bit long. Cheers.


Cecilyxiong said...

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Faith Ann said...

I saw the link to your blog from Shannon's and just had to tell you, the way you've framed the postcards is gorgeous!! What a fantastic idea.

Love the bouquet of fruit... very pretty!

Gina E. said...

Hi Judy, Thank you so much for posting those photos of your postcards. As Faith Ann says, the framing is a perfect setting for them. You are so lucky to have those family links to the cards - truly family heritage. I will never know who mine were meant for. But I love them just the same. Did you manage to find them on my blog?

Lelia said...

Wonderful post cards. Glad you bought them.