Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Leisure Arts leaflet #470 - Three's Company - design by Frankie
Buckley. Stitched away back in the 90's. Not yet framed. Stitched on
a sort of greeny Aida.

The week at work was busy. Not a surprise really, since it's end of month,
we were closed for two business days, and several people were away on
holidays. So I got two full days of work, but part time on Friday, which
was fine by me because we had company coming for dinner that night,
so I was able to get home in good time. A week ago, on the last work day
before Christmas, it was a rainy day out, and it took me about 3 hours to
get home.

I should clarify here that I work for a company that processes work for
the banks, among other companies. I am a part time employee, but
will work full time when they need me. DH drives me to work in the
morning, which takes about 45 minutes, but I have to make my own way
home by transit and Go service. That takes me about an hour and a half
on a normal day. But when the weather's bad it can take longer....much
longer. So on my way home from work I read. Lots!

On Friday night we had friends come for dinner, and my Mom came as
well. Our friends live outside of Glasgow, Scotland but have relatives living
here in Ontario. So every Christmas they come here to spend the holidays
with their relatives. And one evening each year they come here for dinner
and a visit. It's one of the highlights of our Christmas season.

Last night we went to a Fondue party. It's an annual thing put on by one
of the members of the smaller choir that DH belongs to. He belongs to the
main church choir, plus this smaller, folkier one. There must have been
about 35 people, including teenagers and kids of various ages, and
spouses. Long tables were set up in the basement of the house, with
Fondue pots placed at intervals along the length of each table for 4 to 6
people to share. Bowls of raw chicken, beef, potatoes and two kinds of
sausage were also set out in each area and each person had two fondue
forks to use at a time. It is a meal that requires patience, as you have to put your food into the fondue pot and then wait while it cooks in the hot oil.
But it is also the best kind of meal to just relax, and chat with your
neighbours. You can't rush. Desert was cake. One of those confetti cakes,
with a candle in the centre to celebrate Jesus's birthday.

I took my new camera to the party and managed to snap a few pictures. I'm
having so much fun with this little camera, snapping candid pictures as the
mood hits me. And once I load the software onto my computer to be able to
download the pictures onto it I'll be (inflicting) sharing some of those
pictures with you on this blog. Stay tuned!

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Lelia said...

Hi Judy: Looking forward to viewing your photos. Sounds like you get a lot of reading done on those long 'going home' commutes. I haven't been reading as much lately -- Did I mention how beautiful your Phoebe is?