Monday, August 28, 2006

I expect that I've used this picture of Phoebe in my blog somewhere before, but I'm running out of pictures to post so I'm using it again.

Where do the weekends go? On Friday I met DH at the grocery store after work and we did the shopping and headed home to pack it away. The plan was to put away the groceries and then go back out to the antique car night in olde Georgetown. There was to be a live rock n roll band, the stores would be open later and of course all the lovely olde cars. Unfortunately the weather gods were not inclined to co-operate for the occasion. It was heavily overcast, with periods of brief rain, and it was obvious that it would only be a matter of time before a heavy, steady and long lasting rain would start. Knowing how fussy the owners of olde cars are regarding rain and their baby's we figured that the turnout for the event would in all probability be light and once the rains moved in the cars would move out. So we opted to stay home. It began to pour rain around 8:00.

Saturday was cool and cloudy. We were invited to a barbecue at our friends house starting around 2:30, which included the opportunity to swim in their pool. My Mum was also invited to the party so we picked her up at her residence and then drove over. It was a lovely party, with good food and a mix of friends and relations of our hosts in attendance. In spite of the cool temperatures it was comfortable enough to still sit outside and visit. We had dinner around six and after that those of us who were going swimming began to change into our suits. The temperature outside was around 70 degrees, while the pool temperature was around 85 degrees. Thus it was warmer in the pool then out of it. DH was first in, which is almost traditional. I followed and then a handful of others. It was lovely. I guess that we were in for about an hour or so, perhaps longer. Then thunder and lightening drove us reluctantly from the water, although the bad weather never really amounted to anything. It was harder getting out of the warm water into the cooler then, then it had been to get in. Once dressed we spent the rest of the evening in the house talking.

Sunday was chore day. Laundry and cleaning. DH mowed the lawn. I got ambitious for dinner and decided to make Pork Tenderloin with roasted apples and onions, and buttermilk mashed potatoes. I got this recipe out of the latest issue of Everyday Food, a magazine put out by the Martha Stewart folks. I've never cooked pork tenderloin before, and I'm not a great cook by any means, but I'm learning. The food turned out great and got a thumbs up from DH.

We are collecting the mail for two sets of neighbours this week. One group are off to Myrtle Beech for the week, by car. The other neighbours are away camping and for them I am also fish-sitting. Gotta keep the bedroom door shut because Rupert is very anxious to make friends with the little guy.

I am now reading Lynn Flewelling's latest book "The Oracle's Queen" and it is quite good. It is book three in the series. Cheers all.

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catandturtle said...

pretty kitty! Midwives is pretty good so far. My problem is that I have so many books to read, sometimes I can't just enjoy what I am ready...I am always thinking of the next book. Too many books. :D Ann.