Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's been a long time since Loreena McKennitt released a new album. If memory serves me (which it usually doesn't) it must be over six years since her last studio CD came out. Way too long. Always worth the wait however. Today I received an email announcing that her next album will be out in the Autumn. I can't wait!! I love her music so much. Perhaps if a new album is out this fall then that will mean a tour within the next year? Dare we hope?
I've seen Loreena in concert twice, plus I attended the taping of a television show that she was guesting on. I met her once. I have a picture of Loreena, my friend Charmaine and I standing together. Loreena and Charmaine are smiling for the camera.....I look as if I'm about to lay an egg. I don't handle meetings with celebrates well. I usually go into shock. I babble. I get red in the face. You get the idea. But that picture is on the table in the den where I can see it often and remember what a thrill it was to meet such a wonderful, talented woman who succeeded on her own terms and without compromising her voice and her vision. Here is Loreena's website for any who might wish to find out more about the new album.

Today we were up early since I had an appointment with a specialist regarding testing for Glaucoma. My regular eye exams show indications that I might eventually develop this disease so I have to go to an eye specialist for semi-annual checkups to make sure that it doesn't become a reality and go untreated for any length of time. Today was the eye drops and flashing lights in the eye exam. In October I go for the two special tests, one of which will set me back $100.00. It isn't covered by OHIP. I'm not complaining. I'm glad that there's a test that will more accurately diagnose the condition if it does develop. I hate those drops though. It took about four hours before I could see properly again. During the drive home I had to keep my eyes shut because whenever I opened them they'd tear up and cause a flood.

Once my eyes returned to normal I spent the rest of the afternoon on the deck, cross stitching. DH mowed the lawn and puttered.

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catandturtle said...

Judy, can we see a pic of what you are stitching?