Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It is one of those perfect summer days that you just live for. Warm in the sun, but with a gentle, cooling breeze to keep the temperature comfortable. Sitting on the deck cross stitching, with occasional breaks to pick up a book to read for a bit. Lunch on the deck. DH working his way around the garden, trimming and pruning and neatening things up. The birds are singing, and the cicadas are humming. All is right in our small corner of the world.

Sunday's birthday celebration for DH's great aunt Elsa went very well. The weather was perfect for an outdoor party, and the home where the festivities were held was in the country, with the property located right on the river. We got there mid-afternoon, just as the guest of honour was arriving with her son and his wife. Aunt Elsa had one son, he married twice and the children from his first marriage and his second wife's first marriage all consider Aunt Elsa their grandmother. From them she has many great grandchildren and also great-great grandchildren. DH and his sister are her brother's grandchildren. Aunt Elsa has failing eyesight but is otherwise in good health and her mind and her memory are quite sharp. She was having a wonderful time visiting with all her family and friends. A reporter from the local paper arrived to take pictures and interview her. Many family pictures were taken, which often required chasing down the younger members of the family and coaxing them to stand or sit still and SMILE!! I loved the two boards made up with pictures of Aunt Elsa and her family and the places that they'd lived over the years. Some of those pictures being over 90 years old.


1) Do your reading habits change for the summer months? 2) If so, how?

Actually no, I don't think that there is a change in my reading habits
much during the summer. I love to read, and have a lot of books that
I want to read and it's a great way to spend part of a summer day.

Not all this time has been spend in relaxing and goofing off. Yesterday DH helped me to clean the library. This requires climbing on chairs to clear off the tops of the bookcases and then vacuum. Also, emptying smaller bookcases to shift and vacuum behind. It took us about three hours to do. With DH working with me I was kept from stopping every five minutes to pick up a favourite book to browse through, and reread my favourite parts. Thus we finished the job in one day.

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