Sunday, September 03, 2006

1) What is your favorite kind of reading? Novels? Biographies? Mathematical textbooks?
2) What do you like best about your favorite kind of reading? What keeps you coming back to that kind of book? Following a gripping story? Watching characters develop? Being educated about things and places you didn't know about? Letting your mind relax into someplace completely different?

1) Mathematical textbooks?????? I have always loved fantasy. I read and reread C.S. Lewis's Narnia series over and over again when I was young and still hold it dear to my heart. I didn't realize that there were fantasy books for "grownups" until a friend recommended "The Lord of the Rings" and then Anne MacAffrey's Dragon books. I also love historical romances, and historical fiction, mysteries and biographies. And general fiction.

2) There are a lot of reasons why I love fantasy. The worlds, the peoples, the magical laws and traditions, and the creatures all created by an author out of their imagination. The more detailed the better I like it. An escape from the everyday world that we deal with and sometimes despair of.

Speaking of fantasy, I'm currently reading Jacqueline Carey's latest novel "Kushiel's Scion". Ever since I discovered Ms Carey's books a few years ago I have been a fan. She is an amazing writer with a tremendous talent for creating not only characters, but also a history and a world that are rich with detail. And her words are potent and vivid. She is one of my top favourite authors of all time now.

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catandturtle said...

I will have to check out J. Carey. I am always looking for new fantasy books. Have you red Terry Goodkind or George R. R. Martin? Both incredible authors. TG is one of my favorites, along with David Eddings. I have read his 2 series twice and am ready for a 3rd.

I'm with you...Mathematical textbooks??? What crazy person wrote that? Have you ever heard that song from Jimmy Buffet called "Math Sucks"? I'm with him. :D Ann.