Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday night...

I'm typing, Phoebe is drapped over my right arm, purring away, and her nose is all but pressed into the desk top. As I type my arm is not as still as she would prefer it to be, but she won't move.

Phil and I went to a Stag and Doe last night. Phil's goddaughter is getting married. It's the first Stag and Doe that I've ever been to. I'm use to the old fashioned shower for the bride and stag for the groom tradition. It was held in a legion hall and there were a wide assortment of games and draws and such for people to take part in, all to raise money for the bride and groom.

Phil and I played Texas Hold 'Em Poker and lost money on that. It wasn't so bad for me since the only person I was playing against was Phil, and he was giving me the money to bet with in the first place. We played Roulette, and lost money on that. We threw darts to break a balloon, and all I won in that was a wee gel candle. We bought a cup full of little folded papers and sat for ten minutes unfolding each paper looking for some indication that we'd won a prize. We didn't. I declined to take part in the "pound a nail into a block of wood" game because I'm a natural born klutz and would probably have nailed my foot to the floor or swung the hammer and knocked some innocent bystander out cold. We both bought tickets for various draws and so far as I know we didn't win a thing from that either. Ah well. The pizza was delicious, we had fun, and I suppose money was raised for the young couple.

The thing is that the whole affair, which seemed to be organized and run by the Bride and Groom seemed like such a lot of work and I wonder if it was worth it. There is so much else that demands the time and the attention of the couple getting married just to get the wedding planned and everything ready for that. Who has time to arrange something like this as well?

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Barbara said...

I've never been to anything like a Stag & Doe party, and I have no idea how they'd find time to organize such an event. We got married 3 years ago and though we tried to keep it reasonably simple, it required a lot of organization & time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Rowen has blue-gray eyes like her Daddy. She's our only blue-eyed baby - our boys have dark brown eyes from my side.