Monday, May 22, 2006

For Naomi

This is the project for Naomi, the youngest of the three girls. It is meant to be F - for flowers. Laura's was L - for lavender. I'm stitching Laura's name on her project now.
It has been something of a disappointment weather wise this weekend. It's the first long weekend of the "summer" season, and it's traditionally the demarcation line when gardeners are allowed to start planting their annuals without worry about a killer frost occurring. However in the last couple of years we've had cool, if not outright cold springs and we've had frost on the long weekend or just after.
This spring was another cool one. On Saturday the wind was quite strong and the temperature was in the 50's (Celsius). We were at a barbecue and although the men braved (?) the temperature to sit out on the deck for about half an hour, us women were much more sensible and we stayed in the house. The kids of course played outside and were oblivious to the wind and temperature. Same with the dogs.
On Sunday we had a barbecue here. The wind was much stronger then Saturday and we spent part of the day keeping an eye on our neighbours metal framed, canvas topped pergola on their deck which threatened to leave it's moorings and leap over the roof of their house at any moment. It was mostly over cast, in the high 40's in temperature and it rained on and off. Needless to say we stayed in the house and ate barbecue in the kitchen.
Today is not as windy but it's still cool (cold) and we're not due for a warming trend until tomorrow. We are eager to get out into the garden and start planting our pots and stuff but that will wait for warmer weather. I'm eager to start. At least with the rain and cooler temperatures the garden is looking lovely and green and lush. And the spring flowers such as primulas and lungwort (sp?) are very happy. Our irises have started to bloom in the front of the house, which gets the full afternoon sun.

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Hi Judy,

Thanks for your kind comments on our shop:) Your stitching is lovely. I'm sure Naomi will love this:)