Saturday, May 27, 2006

For Hannah...

This is the project for Hannah, middle girl, middle child. Quiet around her siblings, but with a wicked sense of mischief that can catch you by surprise. The teddy bears are giving me grief. They're suppose to have eyes created with french knots. I HATE french knots. I have made an attempt on the bigger bear, and gotten no where. Knot kept slipping through the material. It's been suggested that I use beads instead. That might work on the bigger bear, but the other bear may be too small for beads to look right. I'll have to consider this problem some more. I now have Laura's name stitched on her project and now just have to do Naomi's.

The week has improved weather wise, and most importantly temperature wise. DH and I went to the garden centres on Wednesday and picked up the plants for our pots, and also picked up six hanging baskets. Then I spent a couple of afternoons with my hands all muddy as I put my pots in order. I don't use gardening gloves because I find that I miss the tactile feel of working with the plants and soil. And I find myself digging the holes in the soil with my hands instead of a trowel.

I'm working on Prairie Schooler's "A Prairie Garden" which involves stitching a border and twelve squares before tackling the flowers in each square. It's my "take to work" project at the moment. I've run out of a crucial colour, DMC 3362, and they don't have it at the wool shop in town where I go in emergencies for DMC basic thread. And I've already had DH take me to the LNS in Acton earlier in the week where I bought another size of Q-snap to add to my collection, plus some thread. But I didn't realize how close to out I was in the above colour, and wouldn't you know it, it's used all over everywhere on the pattern. Just can't ask DH to run me back to Acton just for a couple of skeins of 3362, can I?

The sun is shining, the air is warm and the garden is green, lush and growing. So why am I in the house, at the computer? Because I'm suppose to be doing housework. Logical? Who me? Guess I should go tackle the cat fur, dust and so forth at least a little.

Oh, just to add....we've got a bunny showing up in our yard these days. A wild bunny, who is vacuming up the bird seed under our bird feeders. He shows up in the early morning, and then again in the early evening. I've started taking carrots out to him in the evening when I see him. He's skittish of me, but loves the carrots. I'm going to be sooo...popular with our neighbours who have veggie gardens!

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