Saturday, May 20, 2006

For Laura

Across the street from us live a family of seven, including five kids. We have been neighbours for about nine years and have known many of the kids since the day they were first brought home from the hospital. They are wonderful kids, ranging in age from eleven to just over a year old. I find it amazing how their Mum Amy copes with all of them, and most amazing of all is that she home schools them.

I began a project a few months back to stitch each of the kids a little something as a keepsake from me. So far I have done each of the three girls a alphabet girl from the Cross Country Stitching Alphabets issue dated 1996. Instead of putting the alphabet letter on each girl though I am stitching the name of the girl I'm stitching it for. I have bought frames for each project as well. Above is the piece that I'm doing for Laura, the eldest girl.

On Wednesday evening the book club that I belong to had our last meeting of the 2005-2006 season. We went to one of our favourite local Chinese food restaurants for the occasion. We could bring our spouses as well, but the only one who had a spouse come was me. Phil was more then happy to join us for a good meal. We read "The Batchelor Brother's Bed and Breakfast" by Bill Richardson for this month's meeting. A short read but lots of fun. About a bed and breakfast run by two brothers specifically for book lovers who want to get away from their daily lives to devote an entire holiday to reading. Sounds good to me. The author is a broadcaster with CBC radio and the book is an extension of his program. Does the B & B actually exist? Don't know. We debated that a bit in our meeting.

Phil and I are on vacation for a week. Lots to do, and hopefully the weather will co-operate. Am reading Jodi Picoult's "Vanishing Act" at the moment. We watched the DVD of "Serenity" last night, which I'd seen in the theatre with Darlene during one of our movie weekends last fall. Phil had not yet seen it yet, and since we have the "Firefly" DVD series he was eager to see it.

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