Monday, February 20, 2006

My favourite topic

1) What is the most beautiful book you own?
2) In what way is it beautiful? Is it the illustrations, the binding, a combination of these, or something else?
3) How often do you look at it, browse through it, read it?

I have 3 books written by Lucy Maude Montgomery which were given by her to a friend of hers. They were all published in the early 1920's. The books came to me when I was in my teens from their previous owner (a relative of the lady who'd received the books from the author) who knew that I loved the Anne of Green Gables books. They are Anne of Green Gables - Magic for Marigold - The Story Girl. I cherish these books because of their age, because they were written by agrueably the most famous Canadian author of all, and because of the storys themselves. And now I live just ten minutes away from the small town where Lucy Maude Montgomery lived with her husband and sons during the years that he was pastor for the church - in Norval Ontario.

I have lots of other books that I love for various reasons but they are too numerous to mention. My collection of Folio books for a start. And my National Geographic books.

Reading: The Way the Crow Flies - by Ann Marie MacDonald

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