Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just dropping in...

I'm sitting here, with my cat Phoebe curled up tight against me on the table next to my computer keyboard. She'd prefer me to keep my arm wrapped around her so she can sleep with her head on my arm but that is awkward when I'm trying to type here.

Made it through the weekend without any major problems after the first part of the root canal. Developed a headache and a minor ache around the tooth in question on Saturday afternoon. Took a dose of tylanol 3's and spent the day quietly. Not much choice really since winter decided to return with a vengance after being AWOL pretty much since Christmas around here. Started snowing around 1:30 pm and kept going for the rest of the day. Quite pretty actually.

We have extra fun around here when we get lots of snow because our house has a metal roof. So when it snows, and the snow is heavy (in weight) as it was on Saturday, we get avalanches. LOUD avalanches. It starts out as an ominous rumbling that has both cats sitting up and taking notice. Then the rumbling gets louder and louder. If the snow falls onto the back deck it makes a tremendous THUD! Not so much noise when it hits the driveway. Sometimes the sound of the avalanche is so loud it can be heard by our neighbours across the street if they happen to be outside at the time. And we've been told that the kids across the street love to watch from their livingroom windows while our roof sheds it's load. The cats are not so impressed with it all though. They high tail it for cover when the rumbling starts.

Phoebe's moved to my lap now. Purring away. I've wrapped my housecoat around her.
We're nice and cozy warm.

Reading: The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende.

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