Saturday, February 18, 2006

the week in review...

Monday: started reading "My Sister's Keeper". Wonderful book!! Quick read. Will probably finish it in two days. Worked part day.

Tuesday: Finished "My Sister's Keeper". Shocker at end of book. Nearly started crying on the bus (I was on my way home from work at the time). Do other people cry over the books that they read?? I was snickering the other week when I was reading "The Eyre Affair" on my way home on the bus. Oh well, it's a good way to get a seat to yourself on the bus.

Wednesday: Book club. It didn't get cancelled. Hurray!! We discused last month's book "Star of the Sea" a bit - those of us that had read it. Both of us. Some of the others plan to read the book eventually. It was a good one. About the famine in Ireland and a murder mystery too. Then we discused "My Sister's Keeper". It was interesting to hear the way that the men in the group (3) felt about it compared to the women's (4). It's about a girl of 13 who goes to court to stop her parents from using her as an organ donor for her older sister who has had cancer for many years. She was born specifically so her umbilical cord cells could be harvested to save her sister when she first got sick. It was cause for quite the debate around our group.

Thursday: Weather. Freaky weather. From this day and into Friday we went from rain and warmer temperatures to freezing rain and flash freezing. Thursday night we lost our power around 9:15 and had a pretty impressive thunderstorm. Friday morning the temperature started out at 6 degrees celcius and then dropped to -2 degrees in little over an hour. Shoveled the driveway after getting home from work while being rained on. Wanted to get it cleared before the freeze came and turned it all into a solid block of ice.

Friday: Nasty weather aside....After work went to the new super store that's opened here in Georgetown for groceries. Our regular Loblaws closed in the mall and they moved to this new monster further down the street. Wandered around the place for awhile just to get my bearings. Much bigger store of course. But not so they can stock more selections of foods. Just so they can start selling stuff like kids clothes, kitchen wares and house wares. Didn't impress us all that much. DH met me there and once we found the stuff that we needed we boogied out of there PDQ. It's going to take awhile to get use to the new lay out.

After finishing reading "My Sister's Keeper" I next read "Bitten" by Kelley Armstrong. Another writer from Ontario. She writes books about Werewolves, Witches and Vampires etc. Sort of romance but also adventure and very witty and sharp. She has a wicked sense of humour. I've read all five of her books now and I'm a big fan of hers.

Watched our recording of Lost last night too. The only tv show that I watch. Love it.

And now the weekend....

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