Tuesday, March 07, 2006

just checking in....

One handed typing is slow work. Phoebe is resting and purring on my other arm. So I'm making do with my left hand alone.

I've got a dratted cold. Feeling miserable! Sore throat, raspy cough, the works.

Watched the Oscars - taped it on Sunday and watched on Monday afternoon when I stayed home from work in the vain hope that it would ease my cold away. You know, rest and liquids to kill the bugs. Didn't work. Anyways, John Stewart was pretty good as host. Not as good as Billy Crystal. The opening sequence with the past hosts declining the chance to emcee again was funny. I wasn't rooting for any particular film this year to win the awards since my favourite movie from last year was King Kong and it only got nominated for techie awards. Too bad. The ladies gowns were mostly nice but except for Selma Heyak's gown none were too colourful.

Got "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" DVD today. Special 3D cover and all. Yum! Can't wait for chance to sit and watch it again.

Am reading Edward Rutherfurd's "The Princes of Ireland - Dublin"

Off to bed with my box of kleenex, jar of Vick's and package of Halls cough drops.
Did I mention that I HATE being sick?

Cheers all...

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Linda Kaban said...

JUDITH HATTEY MCCLURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You jackass....you are a compelling and wonderful writer as I knew you would be. I'm over being mad at you for not telling me, I'm just going to enjoy.
I love you very much.
Keep blogging.